The greenest stroller on the planet


With the mission to develop and produce 100 percent green products to make our planet and the future of our children a little greener, Greentom has designed the greenest stroller on the planet, the Greentom Upp.

The Greentom Upp is made out of high quality recycled materials. The Greentom Upp is made out of The frame is made of recycled plastic (polypropene) and the fabric of recycled soft drink bottles (PET).This makes the Greentom Upp not only highly sustainable, but lightweight and durable as well. Greentom introduces the new Greentom Upp Combination (which has a Carrycot and Reversible) and the Greentom Upp Classic as well as various accessories to Australia.

Its smart Dutch design aims to omit all superfluous components, and is described as simple and pure…putting functionality first whilst maintaining style.

Greentom Upp Combination RRP $999
Nominated in 2014 at the Kind & Jugend baby fair for ‘outstanding all-in-one’, the Greentom Upp Combination is essentially a 3-in-1 stroller, offering a bassinet (known as the Carrycot) a Reversible seat and a forward facing fabric set (Upp Classic), meaning the Upp Combination can be used from birth through to approximately 4 years. The Carrycot is suitable for birth to six months and the Reversible from six months onwards to approximately three years. The Greentom Upp Combination is available in: white/mint; white/blue, white/pink, black/sand; black/black; and black/petrol.

Greentom Upp Carrycot
The Carrycot combination has a comfortable and spacious bassinet with an impressive bio-degradable mattress, made from fair trade bio cotton, Dutch flax and wool (which has a super soft feel). All of the fabrics are washable and therefore is easy to keep clean. The pram weighs 9.1kgs, with the frame weighing a mere 6kgs. It has optional car seat adaptors to form a travel system.

Greentom Upp Reversible
The Reversible combination is forward facing but as the name suggests the lightweight seat can be turned into a reversible stroller and offers multiple positions. The fabric is also washable and is available in various colour combinations. The stroller weighs 8.5kgs.

Greentom Upp Classic RRP $549
Winner of the 2013 Kind & Jugend Award for Innovation, the Greentom Upp Classic is a straightforward stroller for children from the age of six months to four years (18kgs). The Classic also offers a car seat adaptor which will make this stroller suitable for newborns. It is lightweight (only 7.3kgs) and easy to handle and can be folded into a convenient (free standing) package in a matter of seconds. The Classic is not only practical but also very comfortable; it comes with a large, a 5 Point safety harness, belly bar and has ultra-manoeuvrable wheels made from 100 percent recycled plastic (without any joins or screws or aluminium it actually is the most quietest stroller you will ever push).For each stroller, 58 recycled PET bottles are used to make the fabric of the Upp Classic!


The Greentom Upp Classic is available in: white/blue; white/pink; black/sand; black/black; and black/petrol.

The Upp Classic also offers a range of accessories including a Rain Cover that is made of high quality see-through plastic (TPU) and recycled soft drink bottles and is PVC free (making it the first green rain cover on the planet). The Car Seat Adaptor brackets are compatible with Maxi Cosi and Nuna Pip car capsules and for the cooler months a warm and snug Foot Muff is also available.

The Greentom Upp strollers are no-nonsense strollers, designed from the concept that less is more – more comfort, more convenience and more freedom. And the best part, when you are finished with the stroller it can be fully recycled again!

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