Yale Osimo – Homeopath, Birth and Postnatal Doula

I had my daughter two years ago, but I wanted to write this testimonial about my doula, Yael Osimo.  Back in January 2012 we moved from London to Forest Row when I was 37 weeks pregnant – I left finding a doula really late because I knew that finding one in London, then moving to a new place a few hours away, would be difficult. 

I found Yael on the Doula website and got in touch with her by email. She seemed lovely even through our correspondence. We arranged to meet up one afternoon in Forest Row at my house.  I had only been there for a week and knew no one.  Instantly I felt very comfortable with Yale and was impressed with how warm she was, very kind, down to earth, and had a very gentle nature about her.  I knew straight away that she would be the perfect Doula for me.  When deciding if a doula is right for you, you really have to imagine giving birth in front of them, so feeling comfortable and trusting them is a must.

Yael was so knowledgable and I was impressed she was a mother of 3 children (now four!), she was also into natural health like I was, but at the same time was not pushing any views on me at all. She was just so open and accepting.  She was studying homeopathy at the time which was another plus for me as she was able to help me put a kit together of things that I would need during the labour and after care.

After made the agreement that she would be my doula, Yael visited me a few times a week before I was due.  I really got to know her very well and looked forward to our visits. She always offered to help me with things around the house, but really what I wanted was just a nice chat. 

We would go on walks together and discuss the labour and being a parent.  Yael also put me in touch with other people in the village. She really went out of her way to help me and make me feel at ease about the impending birth of my daughter. 

We were planning to do a home birth at my house for which she would be on call for. But ironically the weekend I gave birth, was the weekend that Yael was away visiting her mum in Paris for her birthday.  Yael was not going to be gone around my actual due date, she was ‘on call’ for me, but Lola arrived 11 days early! I told Yael by text that Lola had arrived over that weekend, I think she was genuinely disappointed but came to visit me as soon as she could.  She was so kind and brought me a little present – I was really touched by that!  

Even though Lola had now arrived, the best part of the doula care with Yael, was the post natal care. Yale visited me a few times each week for the next several weeks as well.

Those visits were so amazing because she would answer questions and help me around the house. I didn’t even need to ask her, she would just do things! I hadn’t made the bed in a while and she changed the sheets for me instead of me having to do it! She also would clean the kitchen and washed up a few times all without, needing to be asked. I had my first shower on my own (I would normally have a bath with my daughter) whilst she held lola and kept her comforted. These seemingly little things are an absolute godsend when you feel sore from the birth, are tired from the lack of sleep and just generally run off your feet.

I couldn’t have been more happy with Yael and her pre and postnatal care. She was so lovely to be around, so calming and just full of knowledge. I think she would have been great to have during the labour.  Its very important to feel safe and secure with the people who are there with you during the birth.

If you are considering hiring a doula and you are in the area that Yael looks after, please don’t hesitate, she is amazing!  She is highly qualified and can help you in so many different ways. Being a first time mum is quite daunting, as well as being pregnant, and not to mention the birth! you need someone around you who is kind, caring and has been there themselves. Yael is all these things and more!

Yael looks after quite a few areas. From Brighton To London and in between. Please contact her through her website below:

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