Colour change glass baby bottles by Cherub Baby Australia! Jazzy Matthews

“The latest addition to the Cherub Baby line are these innovative safety colour change Natribottles. They are 100% BPA free with a heat sensitive colour changing silicone sleeve that lets you know instantly if the milk for your baby is too hot.” – Cherub Baby Australia

These bottles by Cherub Baby Australia, are possibly the BEST bottles on the Australian market! Yes that is a massive call, but let me just explain to you why I believe this to be true.

POINT NO.1 – They are 100% BPA (Bisphenol A), PVC, Phthalate and Polycarbonate free. So why is that so important? Well, it means that there are no nasty toxins for baby. Important right? ABSOLUTELY!

POINT NO.2 – They can withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius. How so? That’s because they are made from high tempered borosilicate glass that is super sturdy. They can even handle being dropped on the floor (Yes I tried this!). The silicon sleeves take most of the impact, which is an added bonus.

POINT NO.3 – So what’s so cool about these colour changing sleeves anyway? When the liquid inside the bottle is above 42 degrees or over, they will change to a white colour. Just keep in mind – the recommended highest temperature for baby’s milk and other liquids is 42 degrees. These sleeves are 100% food grade, and are easily removable for washing. And I just LOVE the bright funky colours, they are SO cool! Read more