mother’s make the world go round

Women play a powerful role (or more often roles) -mothers, wives, lovers and friends. They give of themselves in so many ways and in my experience the feeling of a loving home is cradled by the menial (but very meaningful) tasks that women do to just keep everything going. The cooking, the cleaning, the shopping, the dog walks, the washing, the ironing, the social calendar, the child care, the child collection the list could go on and on and on and you hopefully you are getting my point.

In my opinion women are a supernatural force, that keeps everything happening.

The one thing that I sometimes see happening is that the woman in the middle of all the to-ing and fro-ing can get lost and forget herself in the equation.

Today’s twinkle* is a reminder for all the women out there, a reminder that ‘you’ need time too, you need to honour yourself, look after yourself because you are the real power taking humankind to the next frontier. Without you, your care and nurture, humankind would be much more human unkind. The values and nurture you give to your friends, your spouse and children will give direction to the path of our society, but without you first remembering to give to yourself, being happy, being able to express yourself and feel free – our ‘kind’ could dissolve into ‘unkind’.

I know everyone is human here but today’s post is a reminder for you to honour the women in your life, your friends,  your mother, daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces, grandmothers. Even if you just send a line to reach out and say “Hi” or “Thanks for being there”  – I am sure a gentle nudge from you will mean the world to her and will inspire her to keep on loving……

There was no video I could find on these often anonymous extraordinaries that are the world’s mothers….and I am taking the time to spend some quality and appreciating time with my mother……so no video this week from me….

I feel a bit Star Trek right now and so will end this post by saying: Let the ladies lead us by loving one person at a time to the next frontier.

I would love to hear how a female in your life has influenced or inspired you – do comment below :)

Big Love to all the mother’s out there thank you for all you are doing/being/caring :D

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