You vs. The World – New Interactive Game Helps Parents Teach Life Lessons to Kids

A new game programme is released across the UK this month which allows parents to teach their children how to face life’s challenges; from alcohol and drugs to bullying and health issues, through a series of fun computer games.


You vs. The World (, priced just £4.99, offers a complete parent and child package, whereby the parent has access to a dashboard to set up and monitor the games, whilst the child can have fun playing them.


With comic book graphics and fun characters that will resonate with youngsters, including protagonist Rob who guides them through each game and asks questions to test their awareness of particular issues, the game encourages children to think strategically and make positive choices, shaping their views on health and wellbeing. Kids also earn points for playing, keeping them motivated and engaged throughout.


A version of the game aimed at schools, which has been designed to fit with the National Curriculum, was launched in 2013 and has already been accepted into over 300 schools in the UK and Ireland, with ongoing discussions in other countries.


The game’s creator, Aaron Gibson, was hailed as a “digital prodigy” at last year’s Digital Summit in Northern Ireland. Having set up Yumpod Technologies aged just 18, Gibson is already attracting interest globally with You vs. The World and is currently in talks to launch the schools’ version in the USA.


He comments, “All parents worry about the dangers their children will face in the big bad world, and naturally want to protect them, so it’s essential kids are fully aware and equipped with the knowledge they need. You vs. The World is a new game-based way of teaching important lessons to help them navigate the challenges of growing up, whilst also having fun playing the games.


“You vs. The World recognizes the importance of a parent’s role and that’s why our team of developers has created a dashboard for the parent, where they can set the parameters of the game, selecting age-appropriate material, and monitor their child’s progress. This provides peace of mind about their child’s awareness of these issues, and also creates a forum for discussions about specific challenges as they arise.”


Using one of the newest educational techniques of strategic teaching, You vs. The World transfers the knowledge within the games by actively engaging a child’s creativity, which has been proven to increase knowledge intake by over 60%.


You vs. The World has been designed with input from psychologists and teachers, and is aimed at children aged 10 and upwards, with questions tailored for age groups 10 to 12, 13 to 15 and 16 to 18, which can be selected to suit.