Beat Prickly Heat this Summer with our Organic Children Sun Lotions

void chemical-laden and pore-clogging sun lotions!

Summer should be a time for sand castle fun at the beach, water play and lazy afternoons in the sun. For some parents, however, summer can bring with it the dread of skin hives and irritating skin rashes, namely prickly heat and eczema for their children. But summer doesn’t have to mean prickly heat; in fact these symptoms can be a result of chemical-laden and pore-clogging sun lotions being used.

What is Prickly Heat?
Prickly heat is a red and itchy rash on the skin that causes a stinging or prickly feeling. The rash is usually composed of tiny spots and bumps and occurs when sweat glands become blocked preventing the skin from regulating its own temperature effectively (sweating). Young children are more prone to prickly heat but a reaction can happen at any age.

Waterproof sun lotions and contact with chemical compounds found in sunscreens combined with sun exposure can cause severe skin reactions.

Stay Sun & Skin Safe with Green People
Green People offer organic, water-repellent sun lotions by using Beeswax and Berry wax which naturally repel water without blocking the sweat glands, allowing the skin to breathe. Offering natural broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, these award-winning formulations are rich in a synergistic blend of natural antioxidants, skin vitamins and anti-inflammatory actives to help support the skin’s immune system, prevent cell damage and protect against irritation.

Our little stars that help prevent Prickly Heat:

  • Beeswax and Berry wax to repel water without blocking the sweat glands.
  • Aloe Vera, Myrrh and Chamomile to calm, soothe skin and reduce inflammation.
  • Avocado, Myrrh, Green Tea and Rosemary extract; antioxidants and skin vitamins offering excellent cell protection.
  • Pure earth minerals, Edelweiss extract and UV filter derived from Cinnamon ester acid; synergistic blend offering natural broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection

For more information:

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