Magnificent Me, Magnificent You – Grand Canyon

A kids’s yoga activity book, combining yoga, with mindfulness techniques, visualisations and meditations.  For ages 6-11. Alongside the story is a range of activities to nurture, mind, body and soul, ranging from yoga poses, breathing exercises, games, dance, song, guided visualisation to massage exercises. The story and activities have been written and illustrations designed in a style that is easy to follow whilst at the same time providing scope for children to add their imagination and creativity.


Thousands of years ago, ancient wise men called yogis, sat and observed the world around them and developed a range of exercises based around the natural world we live in.


This Magnificent Me, Magnificent You activity book shares many of these exercises through the exciting adventures of twins Crystal and Leo.


In this book, Crystal and Leo are transported by their unique wishing mirror to the magnificent Grand Canyon, where they embark upon a treasure filled journey. Alongside their story of discovery is a range of inspiring fun exercises, activities, songs and games.




Come and join them and discover your own treasures.


For children aged 6-11 years


Dawattie Basdeo children’s yoga teacher and founder of Holistic World Ltd, is a passionate promoter of a Holistic Lifestyle.


Dawattie has studied a range of holistic therapies, her major passion is sharing yoga with children, she has provided classes for toddlers through to teens and has even been privileged to provide classes for children at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, showing that children of all ages, abilities and health can benefit and enjoy yoga.


Through her children’s yoga book series Dawattie aims to inspire and provide tools to support children’s well being, dreams and knowledge of the world they live in.


Publishing 12th December 2014 on Our Street Books (imprint of John Hunt Publishing Ltd), Magnificent Me, Magnificent You – Grand Canyon by Dawattie Basdeo and illustrated by Angela Cutler

ISBN: 978-1-78279-819-4 (Paperback) £5.99 $9.95