Croatian Raw Food Summer Cruise – August 2015

An unforgettable cruising along the beautiful Croatian coastline on our luxurious ships. During the cruise you will be able to discover a unique harmony of health, beauty and the strong life force of Croatian raw food. We are quite certain that the experience from the cruise will remarkably change your perspective  on health and improve the qualitiy of your life.

Sea kayaking off Kolocep, one of the most interesting of 13 Elafiti Islands

We have combined four important elements in our offer:

  1. The healthiest  foods originating in Croatia, carefully picked from organically grown gardens and then freshly prepared into the healthiest dishes of exquisite taste using raw food special recipes.  Read more…
  2. The specialised holistic well-being program enables you, in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, to hear not only about the nutrition but about other equally important factors as well. Read more…
  3. Getting to know the beautiful Croatian coastline (Dalmatia). The numerous breathtaking destinations, from the historic towns like Dubrovnik and Trogir (UNESCO World heritage) and the pitoresque villages to remote virgin islands that are pearls of nature’s art, the crystal clear sea and unspoiled nature, the rich architectural and cultural heritage, the kind openminded and warmhearted people make this place one oft he most attractive sailing destinations in the world. Read more…
  4. All of these elements would not be easy available if there were not our elegant and luxurious ships, of which we are so proud. These gems among the boats will enable you to enjoy the cruise to the full. They give both comfort and stability even in the open sea and represent high class sailing at its best.. Read more…



Raw Food – a sure path towards radiant health, vitality and long, prosperous life!

On this cruise along the magnificent Croatian coastline we offer you an organic raw food cultivated on the eco farms in Croatia.

Organic raw food from Croatia is probably the healthiest food you can find in Europe because Croatia is ecologically the best preserved European country.

Mother Nature Knows What is Best For Us

Raw food is the type of food intended for us by Mother Nature and it does not require any additives because Mother Nature knows what is best for us. It is also often called as “live or living“ food since it contains all the essential enzymes which get destroyed by cooking. These enzymes foster the creation of life force and are very beneficial to our health. That is the reason why advocates of raw food address the cooked food as “dead”.

Why Raw Food?

Raw food revitalizes, invigorates, significantly increases the level of life energy, increases strength and stamina, strengthens our immune system, fosters the natural healing processes, alkalizes and detoxifies, improves the regulation of metabolism and body weight, enhances mental and emotional balance…

Raw Food – the Best Medicine!

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – the ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates once said. This statement of his is mostly applied to raw food because raw food is not merely a food; it is also the best natural medicine.




Getting up early and watching the sunrise complemented by some morning exercises (optional).

Morning exercise program guided by our experts in the field of yoga, breathing exercises or fitness.

Short lecture on nutritive values of ingredients used for breakfast and the healthiest way of preparing them.

Workshops on healthy food preparing under the guidance of our leading experts or a short lecture on the subject of some relevant health factors.


A short lecture on nutritive values of ingredients that will be used for making lunch and the healthiest way of preparing them.

Free time (may be used for indulging yourself with a massage).


Your evenings may be dedicated to leisure activities of your own choosing or you may participate in various workshop such as yoga, breathing exercises or fitness.

A short lecture on nutritive values of ingredients that will be used for making dinner and the healthiest way of preparing them.

Fun workshop (laughter yoga, dancing, singing, various workshops)


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Prices, Dates, Booking and Whats Included 

Early Bird Booking Special

If you book by May 1st you will receive the early bird special pricing on our website. When booking (only 20% of the cruise is required up front), use the name Jesse Bogdanovich in the coupon part of the system and receive ext a 5% off.

You can also pay the cruise off as Raw Croatian Cruises have a payment plan system.