Veggies Around the World: PARIS

Today is the first day of spring and the weather is absolutely gorgeous here in London. Have you planned any nice trips for the next months? Any romantic weekend to Paris, the capital of love? If you have, or if you haven’t yet because you are afraid of not finding anything decent to eat, below are two of my favourite Parisian restaurants to make your veggie stay as smooth and tasty as possible:


Saveurs Veget’Halles is a lovely and simple restaurant in a quiet block not far from Les Halles and Châtelet metro stations.


On their menu you will find a good selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes, I assure you that you can go back more than once and not get bored. In addition, its location is very convenient if you are exploring the city centre, and perfect if you like walking as it is just off Rue Rivoli that leads to the Louvre, and about 15-20 minutes from Notre-Dame Cathedral.


I had the Assiette Composée (see picture) with fresh rawvegetables, tofu, a sort of mushroom pate , hummus, onion marmalade, which was very tasty and healthy. I personally  recommend the Assiettes, one also comes with legumes and grains, and for those of you who enjoy meat substitutes the Poulet Vegetale (vegetarian chicken) and the Escalope de Seitan (vegan) are great options and are served with legumes and grains of the day.


Keep an eye out and check their notice boardfor meal deals, especially at lunchtime during the week and on Saturday evening.


Address: 41, rue des Bourdonnais 75001 Paris

Tel: +33 1 40 41 93 95


Opening hours:

Mon-Sat 11:30 – 15:00

Mon-Sat 18:00 – 23:00


Bob’s Kitchen is a minimalist restaurant near Arts et Metiers metro station. They offer a simple and short selection of delicious food and the staff are very welcoming and helpful. I had a veggie stew (see picture 2 in Gallery) that was very tasty and filling, and I really enjoyed the simplicity of the place. The two long tables that occupy the dining area create a friendly and casual atmosphere and I personally like the idea of sharing the table with others, which sometimes leads to interesting conversations with absolute strangers.


Bob, whose real name is Mark Grossman, also owns an American-style Juice Bar near Jacques Bonsergent metro station, and is the author of “Scrumptious Muffins”  (in English) and other cookbooks available at but in French only. I haven’t visited his juice bar, but the reviews I have read seem very positive. If you have been there let me know how it is!


Address: 74, rue des Gravilliers (at Rue de Turbigo) 75003 Paris
Tel: +33 1 44 55 66 77


Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri 8:00-15:00

Sat-Sun 10:00 – 16:00


Au Revoir!