Just $5 of Every $100 We Spend Travelling in Developing Countries Stays Local

Toursim is one of the most powerful change agents on Earth. 


Connecting us with exotic people and places, travel can create more aware, empathetic and understanding global citizens. Travel is an opportunity to spread peace and share wealth distribution across the world.


But it doesn’t ‘just happen.’ We as consumers must vote with our wallets and support local people with local businesses.


A Sydney-based travel business has answered the call, developing a website that connects adventurous travellers direct to local operators. 

AdventureHoney founder and CEO Chris Ball said that in addition to supporting local travel operators, 25% of AdventureHoney’s proceeds are invested into the ‘Changemaker Program.’ The program is designed to power local entrepreneurs whose socially conscious business ideas have the potential to elevate themselves and their community out of extreme poverty.


“Our site is designed for independent adventure travellers who want to find not only the coolest things to do in the world, but also ensure their travel has a positive local impact – that the locals truly benefit from their adventure.”

When you buy adventure tours
 and activities through a website like AdventureHoney you help ensure a positive impact from your travel. As consumers, we can help local people and places progress to a better future. (And have an incredible adventure at the same time!)