Kundalini Yoga And Ayurveda Retreat At Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort Sri Lanka: “Just BE Youtiful”:

Led by a renowned Kundalini Yoga teacher Amir Jaan, this retreat will offer a series of inter-connected Kundalini yoga workshops that work to both engage and support the powerful transformative process of rapid self-evolution. In this series of workshops Amir will explain the subtle but potent way that the practice of Kundalini Yoga opens you up to the potential for deep transformation on all levels of being.


In addition, a tailored Ayurveda programme will be designed for each guest to take on during their stay at Barberyn’s in-house Ayurvedic health centre. Following a consultation, each guest will receive an individual programme of treatments consisting of oil, herbal massages, herbal baths, herbal medicines and liqueurs, as well as an individual diet for the period of their stay at Barberyn.


To book: http://barberynresorts.com/english/reef/event-1309-yoga.html