A Mindfulness Awareness Meditation Retreat Holiday For Mother And Daughter – Morocco, Italy Or Greece!

Mindfulness Journeys offers group led, personalised meditation retreats in elegant, chic destinations in a choice of gorgeous settings around the world. This would be the most wonderful Mother’s Day gift for mother and daughter or a quiet trip for a special Mother needing a break on her own.

Led by highly qualified teacher, Brian Hilliard, a close student of Tibetan Masters over the past 36 years, Brian takes his deep personal mindfulness/awareness meditation instruction way beyond current trends of meditation retreats.


Co-founder Shannon van Staden worked as a hospitality coordinator on luxury yachts, as well as a host of National Geographic’s global private jet expeditions and has been a fashion stylist to well known luminaries. Shannon fundraises for non-profits and is a Meditation Guide to students.


Mindfulness Journeys is affiliated with destinations that are elegant, meaningful, uncompromising in quality of food and ecology offering the opportunity to connect with local culture, nature as well as deeply with oneself. Think excellent simple cuisine, stylish interiors, a balance between elegant not opulent and finding relaxation and techniques in the teachings of Mindfulness/Awareness.


We offer the opportunity to have a meaningful, ultra relaxing experience while enjoying time away on holiday from the pace of busy lives. What our clients get from the teachings of Mindfulness/Awareness they take back to their every day lives with long term benefits in their quality of life, managing stress and appreciating the present moment.


“What excites us most about launching Mindfulness Journeys is that we can share our understanding of the unique blend of hospitality, unique travel and deep personal meditation experience which has far reaching benefits”, say Brian and Shannon.