A detox and healing massage retreat for body mind and soul

Rejuvenate through Yoga

Heal through the energy of the Sun

Practice ancient forms of Massage

 Awaken your Inner Buddha

in the panoramic backdrop of the stunning island of Lefkada, Greece



You are gently guided into Yoga, where you stretch, learn to breathe correctly, strengthen your muscles, follow a vegetarian diet which improves digestion, breathing, blood circulation and strengthens your neural system.

You get to practice an ancient form of meditation taught by Buddha which helps you release stress, pain, fears and blockages under close guidance and care of the teacher.

You are also introduced to the shamanic art of drawing and absorbing energy from the Sun in order to protect and heal yourself as well as pass this healing to others.

Additionally you are introduced to ancient form of healing massage, which heals the healer as well as receiver at the level of mind body and soul.


Experience the joy and power of this Holistic Healing and Detox retreat which works not only on the body and mind but also addresses emotions and feelings in order to free your mind and body of stress, blockages, fear, worries and traumas: 


a true blessing for your soul



Why must one do a workshop like this :


1) To rejuvenate and heal at the level of mind, body and soul

2) To learn a 3000 year old Meditation technique originally taught by Buddha himself

2) To learn how to use meditation to go beyond and use the powers of mind to heal self and others

3) Use the technique to draw energy from the Sun for creating a healthy body mind free of diseases and fears and blockages 

4) To lose stress, fears and learn the ability to deal with pain, fear, insecurity and negative emotions without affecting your health

5) Acquire better mental and physical health through meditation 

6) Learn an ancient form of massage, which is derived from combination of various different techniques such as Tantra, Reflexology, Reiki, Auyurvedic and Thai Massage 

7) To awaken the inner energy and to make it flow in order to live, enjoy and create a better life and health

8) Improve physical health through gentle yoga and vegetarian/raw food diet, which results in strengthening of digestion, body muscles, neural system


This workshop is extremely powerful in helping people


a. Deal with personal life stress and problems

b. Regular practice of teachings helps heal emotions and traumas of past life lived so far

c. Achieve better mental and physical health

d. Increase physical energy 

e. Reduce stress by more than 70% on practice of meditation

f. Enhance the overall happiness quotient in people’s life

g. Be able to create or manifest beautiful and happy things 

h. Become physically healthier 

i. Heal neck and back pains

j. Learn how to heal others 

k. Learn massage techniques to relax and heal others as well as self. 



About the Teacher : 


Vidhi Chhariya is an experienced spiritual guide and friend who has been practicing what he teaches now, for over 18 years.

At a young age Vidhi learnt Reiki, Kundalini Meditation, soon followed by Vippassna (meditation originally taught by Buddha).

With continuous practice for self health and peace , as he progressed in his path he furthered his knowledge by learning Tantra and contact therapies such as Auyurvedic Massage, Thai and Reflexology. Over the years, as he worked in the corporate sector making a career – he kept practicing with groups of spiritual healers and practitioners – until 2009 when on request of some friends he chose to start teaching the massage he performed and which seem to have profound effects in making other healers feel joyous, happy and full of energy. 


With his deep practice of Vippassna meditation and his understanding of modern day life career, jobs, relationships, managing egos, success and failures, Vidhi has evolved in his practice so much that he can help most people answer very deep questions and can help seek that answer we know yet we are not clear about within ourselves.

He can nurture and guide new enthusiasts into deep meditation and help them with guidance, which is extremely important in helping them evolve and go beyond meditation.

Most students find a new strength and confidence in themselves as they go through Vidhi’s workshops and learn under his guidance. Most experienced students of meditation as well as healers find his workshop a true rejuvenating experience since through him and his teachings they are able to refresh their energies, let go of their own blockages and grow while experiencing the awakening of the inner Buddha within them.


Learn more about Vidhi here



and more about the workshop format



Where we are staying



Dates and Rates:


This retreat will take place in September 2014. Dates to be released soon. Please put yourself on our mailing list to reserve a space (without obligation).


To give everyone maximum tranquillity, peace and time for themselves, each participant will have their own luxury room with private

en-suite bathroom and ocean views. 

€ 1308 per person (£ 1065, , depending on the exchange rate at time of paying)

If people wish to share

€ 850 per person in twin or double room (£ 692, depending on the exchange rate at time of paying)


The price includes daily morning and evening yoga practice, the healing massage and meditation workshop, your accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Not included are flights and transfers to the villas.


Car hire is recommended to be able to enjoy the beauty of the island and the nearby beaches in your afternoon times off.

(You need to be confident with driving on mountain roads.)


A deposit of £ 200 is required to secure your booking. The rest can be paid 6 weeks prior to arrival.




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