Clearing Out The Junk – Cheryl Brown

There’s a man coming round this afternoon to take away all our junk. The loft is cleared out but you should see the living room. It’s stuffed full of things I’d forgotten we had – and I do confess that I’ve rescued a few bits and pieces from the boxes marked ‘car booty’.

On the whole, though, I’m being ruthless. Even Mr S is being a bit ruthless. He’s even throwing out some books. (Wow, did I really just type that sentence?) There’s no room for sentimentality this time. The kids are grown up now and we have no use for the old Game Boy or the electronic dinosaur, no matter how almost-new they are. And don’t tell me they might be collectors’ items one day – you’re talking to the woman who’s still got the Millenium Beanie Baby that they said in 1999 was going to be worth a bit of cash. There are currently 13 of them on ebay, prices starting at 30p, and none of them have any bids.

Getting the junk out!

But – I also found the last birthday present my dad ever gave me. That’s a bit trickier. It’s an ornamental item, it’s quite big and I’ll probably never want to display it again because it was definitely of its time, but my dad chose it and went out and bought it for me without my mum’s help (which I think only happened that one time), I really loved it and by the time my next birthday came round, he was gone. How could I be so heartless as to get rid of it?

I’m not sure whether I will yet. I’ll decide later when the junk man comes. At this moment the thought of parting with it makes me feel a bit sick. Yet I hadn’t ever thought about it for all the years it had been in the loft, so if I do let it go, am I going to miss it?

Of course I’m not. But how will I feel if I get rid of it? I might feel guilty. Well actually, I can live with that. And I’ve come to realise that I like letting things go. I’ve discovered that when you clear the physical junk out of your life, it gives you a sense of freedom. Stuff weighs you down in my experience.

It’s the same in your body.

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