Some thoughts from a Whole Brained Man……..David Rowan


You probably already know, I hold a master of arts degree … and also a master of science; it appears to be unusual to be both an MA and an Msc.

At a conference recently, I described myself as, ‘A Whole-brain man’… meaning I am a left-brain (hemisphere) logical, pragmatic and factual person and also a right-brain dreamy, creative and emotional person. dual-hemisphered, with a capacity for both intuition and intellect, mythos and logos, reason and revelation, knowledge and wisdom, scientia and philosophia – as are we all …

An Astrological birth chart can reveal a great deal of things about a person, with one very obvious exception; the person’s gender.

Astrologically, to gain insight into the landscape of a person’s inner world, to form a relationship with the core of that person is done so by relating to the soul of the individual and not to their biology – as an approach.

When I look at a person’s chart, i see a person – not a race, a colour, a religion, or a genital … or a culture … I see hundreds of interrelated potentials and the conversation I have with the person enables me to identify which of those potentials may be salient and the we then embark on a therapeutic journey to bring the most desired potentials to the fore. Read more