Wild Food Cafe – Neals Yard – London

Where was I?


YES. I’m in London and London has some raw food eateries, ’cause well, it’s LONDON innit?  Scotland, forget it.  We’re utter pish (for now).  *wonders if Scotland will ever stop deep-frying anything that moves or doesn’t move or looks like it once moved or might move if we don’t deep-fry it…*


The latest raw food eaterie down this way is The Wild Food Cafe at Neal’s Yard.  Run by the beautiful Aiste and Joel.  Amazing people.  Screw the people though (not literally you understand), let’s talk about THE FOOOOOOOD!
wild food cafe neals yard london

Let me start by saying I love this place.  The quality of the food is outstanding.  The menu is so highly creative and a blend of raw and cooked, seasonal and wild foods.  I’m actually blown away by the ingenious combinations of ingredients they use.  This ain’t no run o’ the mill raw food place.  You can tell that real thought, consideration, quality and love goes in to the food made here. 


The cafe itself is light, airy and just a super cool place to hang out.  I’m here right now.  How cool is that?  A review in real time.  Ok, it seems cool to me.  I might need to get out more.  Oh, the irony.  Cause I am out right now, get it?  Sheesh.  Move on Emma!

wild food cafe london


Another major plus for me is that they don’t rely heavy on nuts and seeds in the recipes.  For example, I had the strawberry sunrise cake for dessert the other day and it was so fluffy and light made using squash not nuts!  Too cool. 


wild food raw cake

strawberry sunrise cake


The forgotten ecstasy is by far my favourite smoothie.  You must try it.  Bitch slaps to those who don’t!  Chocolate, coconut, carob, plantain, wild honey and superfoods.  Dried rose petals on top.  Delicious!



The superfood hot chocolate will actually blow your head off.  I had three yesterday.  I’m pretty sure I transcended.  Drink it down baby!


wild food cafe neals yard

superfood hot chocolate

Ooh ooh ooh!  You must also try the wild winter salad made with ACTUAL foraged wild foods.  I don’t know anywhere else in the UK making wild food salads!  I did have a picture of this but I deleted it by accident.  Great eh?  I’m such a fab blogger.


I do however have a picture of the awesome raw carbonara me and my mate Sarah had yesterday.  Jicama noodles.  Amazing.


wild food cafe neals yard raw food

raw carbonara with pesto


And the Raw Sol A Mio – coconut cheeze (orgasms), basil and wild sea purslane pesto, tomato marinara and tomato and basil.  Jings!



This is the BEST raw thai curry I’ve ever had.  People you need to try this food to believe it


So you see the food is good.  The quality is amazing.  The menu is varied and creative.  The place is cool.  The staff are dudes.  It’s all very good.  In fact, it’s my new favourite raw food UK place.  Plus it plays good music.