Yoga-Paws Mini Mats: because where yoga mats don’t go, yoga paws do

First of all, I am very pleased of introduce to you this amazing product that positively impacted my yoga practice.

Yoga-Paws was officially launched in 2003 by mother and daughter Gail and Jamie Getzwiller. Being both passionate about yoga and travelling, they put together the comfort of gloves and socks and the non-slip stability that only a good yoga mat can give you, creating a revolutionary and compact product that allows you to enjoy your practice no matter where you are.

Easy and quick to slip on, I found them very functional: they offer great support and a superb grip without compromising your freedom of movement. I sometimes use them in addition to my yoga mat, especially for vigorous routines that make me sweat abundantly. To wash them, I follow the instructions I found in the FAQ section, which work very well: “The easiest and best way to wash your Yoga-Paws grips is to put them on inside out, so that the towel lining is exposed, put them back on like gloves and wash your hands under the sink in cold water a gentle soap.

They are made of Eco-Friendly TPE yoga mat material, free of chlorides, latex and PVC, and the towel lining is pleasantly elastic and highly absorbent (it absorbs 7 times its weight!). The gloves are secured with velcro, and the socks come with an elastic band that prevents them from slipping. On the Yoga-paws website you will also find a useful section about how to measure your hands and feet, and choose the right size for you.  

I believe that this product is the best option on the market for those of us who don’t want to give up their daily dose of yoga, especially when travelling. This is a list of retailers, both online and around the world, where you can buy the paws.

This is your chance, take your practice everywhere.