11 Simple Tips of How just to Bee & connect to the moment

They are shown to have bee-n present in ancient Sumerian & Egyptian mythology and images are even present today in crop circles . May-bee they are connected to some form of extraterrestrial or spiritual living energy from another dimension!?  Who knows?     ;)     The Bee Goddesses were respected for their power and wisdom which should tell us a lot about these special bee-ings. They are still respected in some tribes where they know and understand the interconnected-ness of everything in nature…… see the video The Bee Goddess Shaman  at the bottom of the page.

Bees are sacred






Einstein always said ” when they go we go”. Bees Dying off, Colony Collapse  http://youtu.be/FEFvk3bJ4HY

I have always believed this …they will bee our messengers.  Bees are called such because  they help create a space to BE  in and BE aware… So where they are no longer present … our Bee-ing will become more difficult and we may find ourselves bee-coming disconnected . Did you know….that the sounds made by  the gentle bee humming can heal geopathic stress & so on and these sounds can help to  diffuse and dissipate discordant vibrations, frequencies and waves on this planet BUT unfortunately not the EMF waves from our mobile phones and computers and so forth.





Haven’t  you ever wondered what it would be like once again, to bee just living in the moment like we did when we were an innocent ,carefree , intuitive and non judgemental and connected to nature rainbow child?   No worries….no hurries….and no monies….
Well of course in this fast paced, ever achieving, goal orientated culture this can be a life time achievement to actually become aware of our body wisdom or should I say our Dantien, our true heart felt  gut instead of using our head.
So imagine if we can become present & connected to nearly every experience no matter where you are and what you are doing then this little bit of info could just bee a wee simple reminder for you   :)

When we learn to focus on the moment and bee in the moment of whatever you are doing & going with the flow of Chi it helps us to redirect our thoughts from worrying about the past  or the future. And the more you practice awareness of energies around you and within you then you will see how it helps to create a stress free body. Bee-ing in the moment and meditating can bee doing anything you enjoy to doing the ironing! Of course it is easier when we are in the moment of doing something we really love and when we are truly focused and forget about everything going on around us which truly creates space and light within our cells and bee-ing.

These are tips that you could practise almost anywhere  from sitting at your work desk to washing the dishes and preparing & eating your food.  Bee-ing mindful and aware of our thoughts are the keys to freedom and happier bee-ing:-

  1. Bee-come aware :-  if your spine is straight or if you are slouching is a good place to start whether you are standing or sitting. A spine that is erect will help to open up the chest and lift the shoulders and create space in the joints and in the lungs.
  2. Bee-come aware:- of how your legs and feet are positioned. If you are standing spread the weight evenly between both feet & gently let the knees slightly loosen & bend…this is similar to Qigong . Letting the Chi or Prana flow through the spaces created in the muscles and joints. And if your sitting just make sure your legs are not crossed and again spread the weight evenly between each foot . Feel connected to Mother Earth & imagine your feet becoming like the roots of a tree . See the roots spread into the earth. This is really powerful!
  3. Bee-come aware of the muscles around your face and head . Notice if there is any tension in the forehead…are you frowning? Are you tight lipped? Is the jaw tight. Just bee-coming aware of these simple body positions and muscle tensions can create space and there fore create chi and energy with nano seconds.
  4. Bee-come aware of your breath. This is really an all important everything. As breathing properly will let the oxygen circulate better into our cells and immediately reduce our stressed- acidic body. So breath from the base of the lungs. Just try as you breath in push your belly out as if you were trying to make yourself pregnant! Its an amazing but simple step. This lets people use the lower lobes of the lungs as most people run around and forget to breath from all the parts of the lungs. And try just 3 of these breaths and wow ! You will feel good immediately
  5. Wiggle the toes if you can and feel the top of the head, the scalp, even the hair follicles  🙂   This is all just body awareness .
  6. Then move to the abdomen and bee-come aware of any tension here. If there is and you suffer from IBS or anything similar you may need to try deep relaxation lying down. And notice what sort of day you have had that may have caused this
  7. Bee-come aware of your thoughts and focus on every action you are doing like if you are doing washing up, and you are not a lover of doing this then you can use a mantra made up by yourself . To make it fun you can sing to yourself. The mantra could bee something along the lines of ” as I wash this glass I can see my reflection in the glass “and you could even add things like ” my gorgeous bee-ing” . Say anything to yourself as if you were speaking to your child. Gratefulness is another good mantra. Just to say “I am grateful for having dishes to clean after a delicious meal” etc
    For any raw foodies out there it could bee the dreaded cleaning of that juicer!!   ;)   And you could dance too;)    Just bee dancing   http://youtu.be/34bU2brNwT4
  8. Bee-come aware of your food using all your senses.   Not watching the TV or talking at the same time as eating . Doing this you may notice some unhealthy habits disappearing,  for example  eating when you are not actually hungry and it might simply be because you are bored. You may notice when you are full and stop eating. Focusing on the smell of your food more and chew each mouthful well will all help the digestion and much more than you can  begin to imagine
  9. The more you learn to focus on the moment the less stressed and healthier the body will bee-come. No matter how often your mind wanders off to think about something else just learn to refocus and stay in the moment and bee-come connected again to you. I guarantee you it makes a HUGE difference in your well bee-ing   ;)
  10. And  if you can go barefooted outside doing anything will always help you to bee-come grounded and connected. See my blog http://www.blog.iridologyforhealth.co.uk/walking-barefoot-and-reconnecting-to-mother-earth/
  11. Ok so here isa squeezed in number 11…..if you wish to take it a step further you could add a daily  sitting meditation with your eyes closed just even for 10minutes and bee-come aware of your thoughts , body sensations and the breath &  always bringing your awareness back to the moment.

Why don’t you bee-come your own BE Goddess or God in this very moment  😉


Some Bee videos:-
Bee Dancer – Bee Queen   http://youtu.be/iTLgSqu4r3E

Flying with Bees in slow motion  http://youtu.be/PEp5eclwtHY 

Bee Goddess Shaman   http://youtu.be/jZ2OSkV_zjw 

About the Bee Goddess Shaman video – “The bee is a form of the Goddess interconnecting everything in the forest (pollinating) but also a microcosm of an inner cosmic web the tribal elders carry within themselves, the Akha Yung. For Busa, nature is not distinguished from humankind, the bee is Busas vehicle to the waters, the moon and the rooftop and canopies of the sacred forests and the world. She is the ‘bee keeper’ in the forest spiritually binding the bees and the Great Mystery to the tribe, the hymn of creation”

The life of a bee

Mr bee just needs to bee

That’s how it is u sea

You can hear the  buzz

And it may seem all a fuss..zz

Its just his way of  bizz

Its all truly bliss..zzz

He stops at every open flower

Coz he has the power

Of making sweet nectar

Made in abundance by mr hectar

Every red, yellow, n orange petal

is waiting for him to just seattal

whilst he whisps his hairy back legs

taking all the pollen eggs

to his own bee hive

where he feels alive

making natures truly devine

elixir and shine

tis this honey

that is their money

altho they need not spend

I know  its difficult to apprehend

Its just so simple

& don’t we want it to be that simple

That life of ours

Without counting the hours

And just wanting to be

a bee


 by Susan Laing