The Highly Mundane Secrets to Becoming a Media Superstar

Not only is it fun to be in a national magazine, let’s face it, I’m thrilled for the free publicity! Cleo goes out to more than 350,000 readers and a full page ads runs around $16,000!

Part of my job as self-appointed Head Lucky Bitch is to demystify success so you can see how easy it is and simultaneously what it really takes because opportunities like this don’t just happen by magic. But here’s the thing – they’re not exclusive to some super secret club either.

I’m no media savvy genius; I have no friends working at Cleo magazine. I don’t have a journalism degree. Yet, my media profile has been slowly increasing each month.

You want to know how it happened?

Denise Duffield-Thomas, Cleo Magazine

I’m just a lucky bitch right? No! You can do this too!

So, every day I watch the media alerts that come in viaSourceBottle. It’s similar to HARO (Help a Reporter Out) or any other site that helps journalists find sources and experts for their articles (often TV producers use it too).

I answer a few media shout outs a week, in fact I make it a regular habit. Journalists are actively looking for sources, so if there’s a match, you’re doing them a favour and making their job easier.

Like my friend Rachel Luna getting into Latina Magazine, I just put myself forward. Already this year I’ve been quoted in several newspapers, Body+Soul online and Dolly Magazine next month.

Yes, it takes time and a little bit of courage to reach out and make a pitch. But it gets easier every time you do it.

Are you ready to be seen in a MUCH bigger way?

I have to admit, I was extremely reluctant to do any major print media. Radio yes – no problem. But getting my picture in a major magazine…. where people could JUDGE me?

EEEEEKKKK. (that’s me freaking out!)

I had plenty of excuses. See if any of them sound familiar:

I’ll wait til I’ve lost ten pounds…. wait, fifteen – then I’ll be ready

I’m going to wait til my website is perfect until I let people see it

I’m just not ready for something that big

They probably won’t like my pitch, what’s the point?

It had nothing to do with the actual work required, it was a total energy thing. I had to jump into the person I wanted to be before I was ready.

I went WAY out of my comfort zone and put myself totally in the hands of the Cleo team. I said yes to a tight skirt and black leather top. Yes to neon nails and YES to the most amazing shoes ever (so amazing, I went home and bought them online).

I had FREAKING fun on the photo shoot. I played full out. I took along copies of Lucky Bitch. I made the most of this awesome opportunity.

Denise Duffield-Thomas - Cleo Shoot

Because you know what…

You’re never going to be “ready”

You’re never going to be perfect

Nobody is likely to approach YOU

YOU have to make it happen 

Why not YOU?

Why not NOW?

Consistency and a little bit of courage wins over luck every single time. You gotta hustle if you want to be successful and the Universe WILL reward you.

Hope this article has inspired you to play bigger and BE SEEN and remember…

The “Secrets of Success” won’t work, 
unless YOU do

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Go for it, superstar! Can’t wait to open a magazine and see your gorgeous face!



P.S Thank you to the lovely team from Cleo for making this shoot possible!