Are you fulfilling your purpose?

More and more I’ve realised that part of my purpose in life, is in fact to help others to connect with and to fulfill their purpose. In my work I had been doing that for quite a while but it took me a little time to see the big picture and to recognise the most common end result. It was easy to see that people were healthier and happier from the work we did together but they then went off doing the most amazing things with their lives, with ease, grace and joy! And when that happened it also bought the greatest joy to me, the fulfilment of assisting a person to connect with and fulfill their purpose is amazing!

I’m often asked… “so what’s my purpose?” but it’s not for me to say, even if I know, after all it’s not in anyone’s best interest for me to play psychic Sally! The question should really be… “so how do I connect with my purpose?” and then “now that I know my purpose, what’s stopping me from fulfilling it?”

To be able to first connect with our purpose we need to lighten the load. The density and darkness of ill health and negative beliefs or emotions weigh us down, block our connection to our higher self and we can’t possibly be the best that we can be. That doesn’t mean that we have to be squeaky clean before making any connection to our purpose, just cleaner… bit by bit we get there and as the density lifts we start to see glimpses, our interests change, what makes us happy changes, our desires change and hey presto, life changes!

So, addressing any fears, anxieties, anger, lack of love, lack of forgiveness, any baggage at all which holds us back and makes our lives less than fun is essential. There is often a bundle of stuff – emotions, belief systems, physical blockages, poor health, toxicity, the effects of past shocks etc which are all linked so although it might seem like a long list, it’s usually not so daunting, once the core issue is healed or cleared then the rest often fall away beautifully.

And it’s not just about clearing the darkness but also bringing in the light, opening up to the light and allowing it in. It’s also about piecing us back together. So many people are fragmented and some good old soul retrieval work is called for, to invite back the missing parts of ourselves, which have been left behind. Ah to be whole again!

Then once our purpose has shown itself, it’s a matter of going for it! And good chance some fears will come up, maybe some doubts… these are the deeper issues that need healing and releasing, and they often feel like they’ll be the most difficult to shift. They come up as a gift in bad wrapping when we’re ‘that close’ and ‘so excited’, the momentum’s so strong that we couldn’t possibly ignore them. They’re cleared, we further strengthen and ahead we go!

A common fear is that by ‘giving in’ to our purpose we’ll be broke. Not the case! The more we connect with and fulfill that purpose, the more support we’ll receive and the more abundance flows. Yay!

Another is that our relationship will break down… perhaps the people around you, including your partner are on some level waiting for you to do your thing, to fulfill your purpose and agreed many moons ago to support you on your journey.

Another one is ‘but I don’t want to be a healer!’, you don’t have to be. The world needs a variety of people doing a variety of things.

Or, ‘but what if I don’t have a purpose?’ Everyone has a purpose. We’ve chosen to be here at this amazing time, and we chose, a long time ago, to achieve certain things in this life. It would be a shame to let your soul down!

Maybe start by writing a list of things that you love doing, things that you are good at… and then ponder if you are currently making the most of those skills and living with joy. Then make a list of what might be holding you back (remembering that everything can be healed and there are no limits!).

Don’t worry about the things that you don’t have such as training, money, support from others. Once you decide to live your purpose, your souls knowledge will kick in (after all you’ve spent thousands of years learning and growing), and the financial support will come in unexpected ways, you’ll find that people around will support you or you’ll meet new people who’s purpose is to support you in your role. It will all drop in and all will be perfect!

Once you start it’s easy and you’ll be unstoppable… I promise!

You’ll be happy… I promise!

Life will flow… I promise!

It will be amazing… I promise!


And remember there’s free-will in absolutely everything! You don’t have to change. But you can decide to be happy, healthy and to connect and fulfil your purpose. I highly recommend it!

And as always, if you’d like help on your journey, be sure to holler, i’d love to work with you! You might also like to check out Magnified Healing®, it’s a brilliant self-healing technique for helping us to clear darkness, bring in the light and connect to our higher self.