Are you ready to twinkle?

I want to let you into a little secret…..

There will never be a perfect time or a right amount of everything else. I really believe you make your own luck. Luck is something that you create out of what you have. Luck is turning the gunck of your life  into what you most inspires you…..luck is your own magic way of finding a path to your twinkle*

If you begin by finding what I call your “inner bright” this is that part of you that comes to life at the idea of something new. Your ‘inner bright’ is where your twinkle* comes from. It is where you find the fire for life….it is where your excitement lives…..It is where you could be living if you choose.

To choose to live in your ‘inner bright’ means listening very carefully to yourself…to the subtle sparks or embers of your being that jumps up and say “YES” to any given situation…..if that ‘YES’ is there…..listen well & take action. The more action you can take on behalf of your ‘inner bright’ the more you will twinkle* in your life….

Whatever anyone says, thinks or does around you, whatever you might think or judge of yourself…know that if you have the courage to listen to you ‘inner bright’ and act upon it all will be well in your world and in the world…..

I would like to finish up by leaving you with 2 sayings both from the Dalai Lama….the first is ‘if you want peace start here’ he said pointing to himself and the second is ”You create habits through action. You do not create habits through thought”

So I would like to know what brings out your twinkle*? What fires up your ‘inner bright’? And tell me one thing you will do today that will be an action based on that :D

Very excited to read your comments…..

Much love and brightest twinkles* to you :D

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