Voices – Memories from a Medium’s LIfe – Fiona Roberts

Have you ever thought you’ve seen a dark, ghostly figure out of the corner of your eye, but it vanished when you looked towards it?

How many times have you awoken suddenly, certain that someone has called your name, but there is no one to be seen?

What is clairvoyance?

How does a medium make contact with the Spirit World?

What is a ghost, and can we communicate with one?


Fiona Roberts has been involved in the world of the Paranormal for over 30 years, , and these are some of the intriguing questions that she examines in this book. In ‘VOICES’ Fiona provides fascinating examples and explanations of some of the more common forms of Spirit communication, and shares some of her psychic and spiritual experiences, along with stories and anecdotes from her family, friends, and private readings.


  • Paperback £9.99 || $14.95
  • Jan 25, 2013. 978-1-78099-720-9.