New Auricular Acupressure Device Follows A-List Trend

Auricular acupressure home device for weight loss!


Acupressure has long been used by thousands of people as an effective aide to tackling health issues including weight loss.


But now, instead of having to regularly visit a therapist to help you loose weight, you can take advantage of the benefits of acupressure yourself, 24-hours a day by using an ingenious new clinically tested* acupressure device that attaches discretely to your ear.


SlenderBeads were developed by two medical doctors, a neurologist * and a physical medicine specialist * and combine ancient eastern medicines with modern neurological principles to suppress your appetite without drugs by applying pressure to specific acupressure points in the ear and stimulating the neurological reflexes that correspond with your appetite and metabolic rate.


SlenderBeads are deigned to be used for Auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture or acupressure) which is pressure applied to special points on the ear.


Auriculotherapy has been used for centuries in the East for treating many medical and pain conditions. Acupressure is very well suited to use on the ear’s pressure points since ear acupuncture needles can be difficult to retain and can be uncomfortable on the smaller and more delicate tissue of the ear.


Since confirmation in the 1950’s by medical researchers in the West, Auriculotherapy has also been widely used in Europe and in the U.S. Even celebrities have turned to auriculotherapy to help them, Kate Moss used it to help beat her drug addiction and Cherie Blair and Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich both  used it to help aide weight loss.


SlenderBeads use auricular appetite suppression points on the Tragus which, in Western Medicine, is explained by causing reflex stimulation of the Vagus Nerve. This slows stomach emptying, increases feeling of fullness and lessens hunger. Initial clinical studies showed an average weight loss of 1-2 lbs per week when used properly for individuals motivated to lose weight.


SlenderBeads, which are made from pure titanium metal, are easy to apply and are attached to a clear plastic hypoallergenic adhesive strip which when stuck in the correct position on the ear lobe apply constant pressure to appropriate auricular pressure points.

For maximum effect, once in place you need to press or squeeze the beads against skin for 10-30 seconds 30 minutes before each meal and once during each meal to suppress hunger. Also press anytime during the day to suppress cravings.


Strips can last 2-4 days. Remove when tape is no longer sticking, beads loosen or skin irritation occurs. (Some indentations and redness normally occur and should disappear in 24 hours.)


Each box of SlenderBeads contains 10 acupressure strips, which can be worn permanently for up to three days. The pack also contains 10 alcoholic wipes fro hygienic application of the strips and a full information booklet with clear, easy to follow instructions for use.


SlenderBeads are for external use only and should be used in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise.  Do not use over an area of eczema or broken skin or while pregnant. Keep out of reach of children due to chocking hazard.


Also available from Indigo Health are LowerBackBeads and HeadacheBeads.


SlenderBeads LowerBackBeads & HeadacheBeads.are EU registered and cost £14.99 for a month’s supply and are exclusively available from Indigo Health. visit or call: 0844 700 1975