Feeling Confused? Stuck in between places? We just need to lose those old shoes!

I feel we’re all in a similar state at the moment, we’ve come through a year of ‘big-heapum’ healing and some lovely energy shifts and now what? We still have some patterns of old, but can feel the changes, we still dip back into the old stuff at times, while feeling the lovely new energies.

Between now and the end of March is a great time to be aware of those old patterns (and not beat ourselves up when they reveal themselves), so that we can say… ‘I’ll let go of that one and bring in a new, more authentic and self-loving way of being’.


That’s the best way I know to move into the lovely new energy. The old stuff doesn’t fit with the new energy… it’s like having a huge backpack on that won’t fit through a small door, or like wearing the wrong outfit for that hot new club in town and the bouncer just won’t let you in… all you need to do is change your shoes, lighten the load and you’re in! We can’t move forward until we ditch those old shoes!

How do we do that… by being present, by acknowledging things as they come up (old patterns, habits, ways of being that come out and are screaming out… ‘old’, ‘self-destructive’ etc), by checking-in and asking ourselves why we do these things? Is it because we don’t feel loved, because we’re lacking in confidence, don’t feel secure, are fearful about survival or about the future, because we learnt the behaviour from others… really dig deep to see where it’s come from. Often this is enough, just acknowledging the source, along with a spot of awareness, and our world changes. But sometimes it’s a little more tricky and some help is needed.

The most important thing to remember is that we are all loved, beyond our wildest dreams and connecting with this love will help us to love ourselves more deeply and to truly turn things around. Often delving into old patterns is difficult, they’re deep! But with self-love and help when needed it’s never as difficult as first thought… it’s usually the fear that’s bigger than the actual and once we get started that fear eases. Phew!


So, remember that you’re loved, remember to ask for help when you need it, remember that the fear will pass and if you’re feeling frustrated that you’re not yet diving into the new, just remember those old shoes that need kicking off and getting rid of, they might be hidden under the bed or deep in the back of the wardrobe but if you look you’ll know instantly that they’re the ones to go.

Happy shedding… and diving into the new (barefoot!)…. it will all be worthwhile :), promise!