How To Say Thank you – By Shehla Ali

Learn to love yourself

You cannot control the world and it is not out there to punish you although many people have this mentality. You are in control of how you feel so you need to stop hurting yourself with negative feelings. Instead think of alternatives when a thought comes into your mind. Do not compare yourself to others List your own accomplishments no matter how big or small and recite them back to yourself when you feel down. 

Be grateful

So the saying goes someone somewhere is much happier with less in life which is not to say we are too picky but caught up. So you didn’t get that dress you wanted but could you customise your old ones. 

Say Thank you

We often feel better about ourselves when we help others and this does not have to cost much, a simple personalised thank you card. Tailor it to suit your loved ones or friends who you don’t get to see often.  Don’t rely on others to boost your inner confidence tell yourself you are fabulous and unique. Being caught up in technology means we can forget to rest. Take time out of the day to turn your technical devices off and step away from your phone and just relax. 

Learn to

Say no:

It is ok to say no to something which makes you feel uncomfortable and unhappy don’t assume you have to be guilt tripped or bullied into anything. 

Say yes:

Be open-minded and try something new such as a new restaurant, follow a recipe and if it scares you do take a challenge do it anyway. 

Don’t give up 

As difficult as it may seem hang in there as baby steps or better than trying to run before you can walk. Most of us have dealt with being disappointed in life at some point but it’s those grudges we hold on to which make us bitter. See everything as an experience rather than an obstacle.