Well Being, Well Juiced, Introducing The Raw Fruity

The Raw Fruity(www.therawfruity.com), is made using cold press technology rather than the high-temperature flash pasteurising used to make most juices, offering you a delicious and refreshingly pure, zingy taste and most importantly amuch higher nutritional value. 

Available in two sizes, which will appeal to adults and children alike, each Raw Fruity flavour will provide two of your five a day and is available in three thirst quenching flavours:

  • Raspberry, Apple and Pear
  • Passion Fruit, Melon and Mango
  • Carrot , Apple and Orange

Comments Nosh founder and raw food pioneer and expert, Geeta Sidhu Robb, “What we discovered was that supermarket shelves tended to be crowded with juices that were sadly heat treated and heating denatures the vitamins. The Raw Fruity is a unique range made with premium ingredients which stay fully intact in their pure unadulterated, nutritious, raw and delicious state. It’s the nearest thing to a freshly squeezed juice on the go and better still, they taste great!”


The Raw Fruity is available to order from www.therawfruity.com, Ocado and other independent retailers nationwide 250ml (rsp: £2.29) and 125ml (rsp: £1.49)