Opening this July – Mermaid Maternity Retreat, London

Mermaid Maternity Retreat will offer state-of-the-art accommodation, education, wellbeing and a full range of support services for expectant and new families

Mermaid Maternity Retreat is a brand new concept in private maternity, a centre of excellence offering tailored non-medical support services and specialist accommodation for pregnant women and new mothers, helping them to prepare for the birth, recover afterwards and give their baby the best possible start in life.

In the run-up to the delivery, expect birth preparation workshops, antenatal yoga, Pilates and exercise classes, nutritional guidance, antenatal physiotherapy and a range of complementary therapies to help prepare mum-to-be physically and emotionally for the changes and challenges ahead.

After the birth, Mermaid’s 14 maternity friendly bedrooms are the perfect place to recover and bond in beautiful surroundings, undisturbed by the outside world. Partners are welcome to stay and share those precious first few days and friends and family are welcome to visit.

All meals are served either in-room or in the welcoming restaurant / bar area, and are freshly prepared by chefs who work under the watchful eye of Mermaid’s nutritionists to ensure the food is both delicious and nutritionally balanced.

There is also a 24-hour supervised Baby Zone where baby will be expertly looked after while mum catches up on sleep or enjoys a treatment or class.

As well as having a team of experts on-hand 24/7, there will be daily visits from a community midwife.

Once mother and baby have returned home, there is a host of services to make the transition as smooth as possible. Baby-feeding specialists are there to offer advice whether you choose to breast or bottle feed, during drop-in classes at Mermaid or in the privacy of your own home. There are workshops on topics such as how to establish sleep routines, nutritional guidance to ensure baby is getting nutrient-rich milk and mother is healing optimally, plus cranial sacral osteopathy, baby massage, a range of postnatal exercise classes and spa treatments for that bit of pampering or as a pick me up.

“We aim to bridge the gap between hospital and home, by giving you the skills and nurturing that will help you embrace your new responsibility with confidence”. Nick Balfour, founder of Mermaid, and father of 4 girls.

Everything Mermaid does is evidence based which is why mothers are encouraged to breastfeed and sleep with their baby in their room. Having said that, Mermaid’s emphasis is on supporting mothers with the same level of dedication and passion whichever route they choose.

Maternity staff come with a background in midwifery or childcare and its fully qualified therapists are at the forefront of their respective fields.

Mermaid’s advisory board is made up of senior health professionals from the fields of obstetrics, paediatrics, general practice, midwifery, complementary therapy and hospital management. The board meets regularly and provides guidance on recruitment, staff training, research and service quality.

Mermaid ensures that new mothers and their babies are in the best possible hands from conception to delivery and beyond.


Mermaid’s Services – Summary

What Mermaid Does                                          What Mermaid Does Not Do

–  Antenatal courses                                                         – Antenatal scans

–  Postnatal accommodating                                              – Blood tests

–  24-hour supervised Baby Zone                                        – Deliveries

–  Baby feeding support                                                     – Prescriptions

–  Community midwife daily visits                                       – Medical intervention

–  On call GP and Paediatrician                                           – Old wives’ tales

– Structured evidence-based wellbeing

– Exercise programmes

– Complementary therapies

– Nutritional guidance

– Educational workshops

– Massage & reflexology

– Beauty & pampering


Mermaid Maternity  – Prices

Accommodation Bundles from £795 per night

The standard accommodation bundle includes hospital transfer, full-board, breast-feeding and maternity support, use of 24-hour supervised Baby Zone, daily visits from a community midwife and postnatal therapies. 

New mums staying overnight also receive a baby sleep workshop to help them establish a routine, and a paediatric first aid session for added confidence at home.

Support Bundles, from £855 antenatal / £695 postnatal

Mermaid’s support bundles include a range of educational workshops, exercise classes, complementary therapies, nutritional guidance, baby-feeding support, and beauty treatments specifically chosen for the individual’s ante- and postnatal needs.