Get Your Bikini Body With MuTu! Finally A DVD That Gives Mums Their Bodies Back!

There are so many women who have tried everything to get their bikini bodies back only to be left with a saggy belly and a frustrated mind! But finally there is a proven solution that can help women young and old get their bikini bodies back: MuTu System.

MuTu System is for every mum, It gives them the vital exercises they must do first, if they want their tummy to be flat.  It shows women how to target and restore their core muscles, with expertise, focus and understanding.

A ‘mummy tummy’ overhang, is the unwelcome but all too-common bane of many mother’s lives. But there is help on hand. MuTu Focus is the missing link, the vital information that makes women’s tummies and pelvic floor muscles work correctly.

MuTu Focus DVD is an 8 week course which comes with a manual that mums can do in the comfort of their own home, whilst watching their bodies finally get back to where they want them to be.

Wendy Powell, MuTu System founder, has been a pregnancy and postpartum specialist for over a decade and is also a mother of 2. She demonstrates and guides you step by step in this groundbreaking new program that is available to watch on DVD. 

In each video Wendy guides, reassures, demonstrates, and picks mums up if they fall, in order to get real results.

Wendy teaches Mums to understand:
 – Why their tummy still pooches out, even if their pregnancy weight has gone
 – Which exercises they should avoid and why
 – How to test & assess their own core strength and degree of abdominal   separation (diastasis recti)
 – Exactly what to do to build the foundations of a flatter tummy. Step by step, week by week.

Wendy dispels the myths, explains the ‘science bits’, and demonstrates clearly how to perform the exercises. She takes you step by step through 8 weeks of highly effective exercises and adjustments that will get your waistline, tummy and pelvic floor right where you want them! Muffin tops are a thing of the past after the 8-week MuTu DVD course. It is the perfect way to start your New Year fitness goals!

MuTu Focus has been approved by Women’s Health Physiotherapists as highly beneficial and restorative for all these mentioned pelvic and abdominal conditions.