Is this your year to make amazing money?

Just a few years ago, I had a great “abundance mindset” but I was broke. I went to countless money seminars, read books about passive income but my own salary was sharply out of proportion to my potential. I just KNEW I was destined to be wealthy, but seriously WHEN?! It was frustrating.

I was brilliant at manifesting free stuff, scholarships, prizes, etc but when it came to actual CASH…..? Nope, that felt scary and out of my reach. 

I didn’t allow myself to live with pleasure or have nice clothes. I thought it was okay to live in a shitty apartment. I sacrificed a lot and felt guilty for spending too much on myself. I got into debt. I manifested windfalls of money and then it slipped through my fingers too quickly.

I was scared of paying too much tax, of “getting into trouble” with the government. I felt like a hit a plateau of income and could never break free.

Do you relate to any of this?  You are not alone!

Why do most women settle for pennies instead of embracing true wealth?

In fact, many women all around the world have experienced the same thing. Here are just some of the things I hear from women all the time no matter how smart or accomplished they are:


  • I’m just no good with money
  • I think I’ve reached the limit of my earning potential
  • I’m doing great, it would be greedy to want more
  • I should be earning more, but I’m afraid it would cost too much (in terms of health or relationships)
  • My partner takes care of the money
  • I’m just afraid to even look at my money situation
  • I wish I could just win the lottery
  • Money just isn’t that important to me
  • I have a good life, I should just be happy with that
  • I’m smart but I just can’t seem to break through to my next goal


But it doesn’t have to be that way…



I used to have a bad relationship with money. I used to be terrified of fully expressing my potential and I used to worry what my friends and family thought about me being rich.

But not anymore…

Now, yes, I have an amazing life. I travel whenever I like. I have worldclass mentors, a great support team and I live in a million dollar penthouse overlooking a dolphin filled harbour. But I’m still just a regular person (for some reason, I thought I’d have to change EVERYTHING about myself to be “worthy” of success”)I’m not a millionaire yet and there are many things left in my life to upgrade, but I know that it doesn’t always happen over night.

I set BIG money goals and I achieve them. Not out of fear and panic but just as a game. It’s actually FUN to make money now. And it’s fun to spend it without second guessing myself.

Guess what?!

I’m no smarter than I was before. I put all my effort into overcoming my money “stuff” and the rest fell into place easily. I’ve spent the last three years analysing exactly what works and what doesn’t in order to manifest your ideal life.

Not only that. I’ve now taught thousands of women how to use the Law of Attraction in an incredibly practical and real way… that works.


That’s why I created the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp



I beat my goal by several thousand!

Denise is a true gem: she’s able to take all of the money mindset and manifestation theories that you might have heard before but dismissed because they weren’t for you… and turn them into quick exercises that can fit in any busy schedule, and that makes a world of difference.

Denise’s Lucky Bitch book and money bootcamp have changed the way I interact with money in my life. Her teachings are practical and simple to take action on, and they create massive results. And fun!
During the bootcamp I set a big money goal and surpassed it by several thousand dollars! The biggest benefit for me beyond manifesting more money into my life and business was the concept of upgrading your life.

I feel like I’ve truly stepped into my first class life, and will continue to do so because of Denise’s incredible teachings. I’ve also been able to let go of so much old stuff around money that was holding me back, and I feel like I’m truly a lucky bitch, every day of the week.

What is the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp?

Lucky Bitch Money BootcampThe Lucky Bitch Bootcamp is a 6-week immersion into the powerful art of manifestation and money mindset transformation. It’s designed to help you break old patterns and form new ones that make you attractive to money.

It’s a completely virtual program, meaning that you can live anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to a computer and the internet.

It’s what you’ve been waiting for! If you LOVED Lucky Bitch, the book, then get ready for a truly transformational experience… this time with a huge focus on manifesting ABUNDANCE and actual CASH!

It’s designed to change the way you see your money FOREVER

Hurry! The Week 1 lesson goes out in…


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I realised that being good at manifesting isn’t enough


Let me explain why…

In the space of just a few years, I used the Lucky Bitch principles to manifest:

A bank error in my favour (just in time to pay my
uni tuition) – £5000

A ticket to a conference in Vegas – $1500

Scholarship to a life coaching course – $5000

Six months all expenses paid travel – $500,000+


Yes – for six months we travelled the world for free, staying in incredible 5 Star hotels.

I totally manifested the whole experience and even wrote a book about it.

It was awesome. But I was still broke.




A bit embarrassing – being in my thirties but not being able to earn proper money.

I was in massive amounts of debt and with HUGE blocks to receiving money for my talents. I had been undercharging for years, never breaking beyond a certain money barrier and although I could manifest WINNING stuff, I couldn’t make actual MONEY.

I’m not going to lie. It sucked. I knew enough about manifestation to still get what I wanted, but finally I said to the Universe:

“Thank you for taking care of me, but I’m a big girl now and I’d
like to actually make some real money now please”




Major powerful money makeover

This is the most powerful + transformational program about money I have ever done! The content was mind-altering and uber effective. The private community was so freakin’ engaged and genuinely supportive. And Denise, as always, was a powerhouse of tough love + intuitive guidance every step of the way.

Thanks to Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, my relationship with money has had a major makeover, all from the inside-out, which has freed me from the money hangups I had that kept me stuck in the same place. On a physical level, I walked away from this program with the money to upgrade (not just replace) my car and enrol in a year long $10K coaching certification program I’ve been dreaming of doing for the past 2years.

When it comes to money (and happiness) it really is a byproduct of doing the innerwork so you can truly free yourself from your own limitations and illusions



I had my highest sales month ever!

Blasting through my money blocks (which I never even knew I had!) in Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp has catapulted my business and life to the next level.

The month after Bootcamp, I recorded my BEST MONTH EVER – achieving my previous biggest sales week total by 11am on a Monday morning! I’m working less and making more. And who doesn’t want that!

You have empowered me to change my families financial destiny, Denise.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!





I sold my house & paid off my debt

During the 6 weeks of Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, I manifested an $800 scholarship to a personal growth worth shop in Maui, picked up 3 new clients for my business, and made $1,210 in unexpected income for the month.

Next, I asked that I sell my house within two weeks of putting it on the market. We got an offer three days later for $5,000 more than we asked for it! Now I am feeling great and fully embracing the abundant life that has been waiting for me to show up.

Even my boyfriend tonight said, “You have been making money in such strange ways, I can’t believe it.”
I said, “Believe it babe, I am one lucky bitch!”

Now that I sold my house, I paid off my debt, I have a better vision of what I want my life to be like, and I have $100,000 in the bank if I want to put a down payment on another house. I have decided that there is no reason I can’t create the exact life I want, so I am really going for it with my business. I am so excited to be focusing my time, love, and attention on what I care about. I am so stoked!

How do you know if YOU should do the Bootcamp?

Thousands of women all around the world have been inspired by my book Lucky Bitch to manifest all sorts of magic and now it’s time for you to take it to the next level.

If any of these are true for you, you’ll LOVE the Bootcamp:


You know that it’s your time. Finally.

  • Your income doesn’t match up to your intelligence, potential and the gifts you offer up to the world
  • You want to be a millionaire, but you KNOW there’s some blockages to go to the next level
  • You’ve hit an income plateau and you’ve been there for a while
sales-6lamp sales-2

You love personal development but the money has shown up yet

  • You feel like a fraud when you talk to people about changing their life because you need to sort out your own money stuff
  • You’ve read every abundance book under the sun, but you feel like there’s a missing puzzle piece
  • You KNOW you have sabotaging money behaviours but you can’t help yourself

You don’t earn what you’re worth (and you suspect you’re worth a LOT)

  • You feel overwhelmed and depleted when you think about money, especially if you think about raising your prices
  • You’ve been stuck at the same income level for a while OR you’ve been going backwards
  • You never seem to have enough money to spend on yourself (or you feel incredibly guilty when you do)
sales-8piggy sales-4

You want to live a First Class life, but you’re stuck in Economy.

  • You’re really freaking sick of making do
  • You know that you’re compromising areas in your life (usually, where you live, how you dress or travel) and frankly, you’re getting resentful about it
  • You see other people rapidly increasing their income and you’re pissed that it’s not you (it’s okay to admit you’re totally jealous)
  • You earn a lot of money but you have NO idea where it goes

You need a money mindset makeover. Fast.

  • You have a real feast or famine relationship to money
  • You know how to manifest money quickly when you really need it, but it’s not predictable or it comes at a great personal cost (like stress or burn out)
  • You don’t feel powerful about money and you don’t know why
sales-10plumb sales-6

You know you must have a money block but you don’t know HOW to clear it

  • You start to sweat when you talk to an accountant or anyone “official” about money.
  • You frequently put wealthy people on a pedestal (by getting angry or resentful about them) and think it’s out of reach for you
  • You sometimes worry about what it would mean to be truly wealthy – that somehow it would turn into a negative experience or you’d sabotage it in some way

You’re ready to take action but you’re a bit scared

  • You feel like it’s time to “grow up” around money but you don’t have a clue where to start
  • You don’t have the income to match the lifestyle you want
  • You are scared by your own potential because your vision for your life is HUGE.

The great news? You’re exactly where you need to be!

But um… only if you do something different (obviously).


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What does my star sign have to do with anything?


I’m a Virgo.

Let me explain to you why that’s important and also why I’m so good at what I do.
When I read and watched The Secret, I was inspired but also I felt really dumb. I figured that there must be another “secret” that I wasn’t smart enough to figure out because I just didn’t know what to do. Like – what should I do today?

I’m known around the world now for creating simple and easy to follow plans to create the most OUTRAGEOUS results.

I’m a huge dreamer, futurist and manifesting maven.
But I’m also incredibly practical and down to earth.

It’s perfect for this program because it makes it inspiring, yet you’ll start to see results much quicker because every week you’ll know exactly what to do.

I can promise you:

Easy to follow steps so you can actually take action in the real world

Practical actions so you feel in control (and not freaked out)

Buckets of compassion and understanding

Oh, and I’m hilariously fun to hang out with, so the Bootcamp is fun too. No dry boring conversations about tax rates or stuff.

You might have seen me in…


What will YOU actually get out of the Bootcamp?

You will allow yourself to have a truly rich life


  • The exact road-map to create your version of your First Class life (not necessarily the most expensive, but the one that’s right for you, right now)
  • Permission to spend money on yourself without guilt (some things will be easier for you than others at first)
  • Get comfortable actually holding onto more money without sabotaging yourself and getting rid of it all (through unhealthy spending or unconsciously manifesting debts, drama or bills)

Give yourself permission to earn more


  • You will feel safe and comfortable earning more money than your family, friends or partner (and most importantly, not hold yourself back from your earning potential anymore)
  • Courage to raise your prices immediately and to make more money in your business or career
  • You will uncover hidden treasure and money that is already around you (you’ll actually be shocked about how abundance you already are – trust me)

Create a new money legacy


  • Clear the money legacy from the past so you can create a new legacy for you and future generations
  • How to deal with drastically different money philosophies from your partner, parents or friends so your relationships are more harmonious
  • Stop unconsciously restricting your income and allow your potential to be reflected in your earnings (especially important if you’ve hit a plateau over the years or even gone backwards)

Break through the next level of income


  • Break through your own self-imposed money glass ceiling (you might have completely unconscious limits on how much you’re “allowed” to earn)
  • Clear money beliefs and re-write your script of a wealthy woman
  • Uncover previously unknown blocks to receiving money (even if you’re read all the money books) and clear them easily during the course

Feel more confident in your business


  • The courage to work with only First Class customers and stop chasing money from pain in the butt clients because you “have” to
  • Stop the unexpected money leaks (where you have NO idea where the money is going) and feel good about both spending and keeping your money
  • Learn to manifest money quickly when you need it without going into panic or overdrive (this is pretty much worth the cost of the course alone as you can repeat it whenever you need it)

Learn to truly love and receive money


  • Stop the roller-coaster of feast or famine with your money and enjoy watching your income increase with fun and excitement (trust me, money is just a game)
  • Embark on a love affair with money that has nothing to do with being greedy or obsessed with money (money is just a tool to create your ideal life)
  • You will feel more free and powerful and ready to break through to your next income goal

    In fact, that’s the beauty of the course – each time you repeat it, you’ll increase your income!






Catalyst for major life changes

Within the first week of doing Denise’s Lucky Bitch Bootcamp, the manifestations began. She teaches simple + powerful tools that will take you from struggling – to being on the receiving end of abundance.

This chick is teaches you how to become a money magnet in a no BS kinda way. I can honestly say she was the catalyst for some major changes in my life.

This is the first ‘intangible’ personal development course that I have completed, which has ACTUALLY delivered tangible, ‘count those dollars’ results. Get ready for the flood gates to open when you work with Denise!




Biggest month ever in my business

I had my biggest month ever in my business earning over $4k on my first ever e-course and had 25 women sign-up with a wait list for the next course!

I have less limits and blocks around my business and earning money from it. I can’t explain it, but it just unblocked me and allowed me to move forward into my business and I can see the amazing success ahead of me.

Denise’s course helps you to move past your blocks, let go of the fear and just go out and be fabulous! There is a lot of ACTION in this course which really pushed me forward and I am so grateful. If youíre feeling a connection with this course but are sitting on the fence, do it, be open to it, and just allow yourself to grow and expand with it!

Want in? Click here >>

What you’ll receive in the Home Study Course:


: 1-2 highly-motivating video lessons each week

Delivered to your inbox with intermediate AND advanced money manifestation strategies. There’s nothing stressful to do, just simple and practical exercises to start moving you forward and out of your money rut.

Topics include:

  • How to create your personalised Lucky Bitch upgrade plan
  • The transformational tool I personally use every day to clear blockages
  • How to identify who is holding you back energetically (it’s never who you think)
  • How to transform your personal sabateurs into powerful manifestation aids
    and much more


: 6+ hours of recorded Q&A sessions

Listen to 6 x 60 minute question and answer sessions where I’ve answered all of your burning questions. 
You can download these Mp3s at your leisure and hear exactly what hundreds of other women have asked me about the lessons.

Answering questions like:

  • Help! My friends are acting weird, what’s going on?: I just got a speeding fine in the post, what does it mean?
  • What should I do when my husband has a bad attitude about money?
  • What should I upgrade next?

and much more

: Mp3 recordings of all videos for you to keep forever

Listen in the privacy and convenience of your home, while you’re out jogging, in your car or anytime at your leisure.
Go back and repeat the lessons anytime for deeper integration.

: A private Facebook forum

To share your successes, confess your money freak-outs and ask questions. Because of our global audience, there is someone in there day or night to give you a virtual hug. 
It’s like having a 24/7 cheerleading team of women who have your back AND you have access to this forum FOR LIFE.


: Your Money Manifesting Bootcamp diary

A gorgeous resource to hold you accountable to your choices and keep you motivated.
sales-22magYou get a new page every week and you can keep this forever and repeat to see how far you’ve come every time.

Your bootcamp diary includes

  • Checklists and quizzes to take the video lessons deeper
  • Examples and resources to aid your abundance transformation
  • Life-changing exercises that will compound every week
  • Thought-provoking journalling questions to cement your learning

and much more

: Inspiring bonus videos, must-read books + resource lists

I love surprising you with random videos, my favourite resources for achieving abundance and keeping your vibration high!

Hear from some real women who have joined and WHY they did it

Meet Kat Loterzo…


Kat is a health and fitness expert at

Kat already had a successful six figure business before she joined Bootcamp, but she joined to figure out where it was all going and to take everything to the next level.

Kat keeps repeating the bootcamp to clear more and more and is also a private VIP client.


Hear how Kat increased her income by 60%…


Meet Erica Cosminsky



Erica is a Human Resources Coach of from Murfreesboro, Tennessee who learned to heal from her past, stop feeling poor and feel safe holding onto her money (instead of spending it all). Erica has repeated several rounds of the money bootcamp so far and clearing more each time.

Oh, and by the way, Erica just told me she has recently she 55 lbs this year. A coincidence that she’s been shedding her past? I don’t think so!


Listen to what Erica has let go…


Meet Donna Hamer…

sales-donnaDonna is from Queensland, Australia, a Facebook competition specialist

Donna got crazy productive during the Bootcamp and created three new programs because she knew that she deserved to make money from her business.


Hear how Donna is creating her First Class life…


Connect with other like-minded women like YOU all around the world

sales-23mapI speak all around the world and have clients everywhere. This particularly female thing of underearning… it’s a universal problem.

We’ve had people in my courses from the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Brazil, Russia, South Africa… and many more.

I’ve heard many women say that it’s hard to change their beliefs around money when people around them haven’t changed. It’s more important than ever that you have a great support network around you.

In the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, you can make new friends around the globe who will inspire you to the next level in your life.

What kind of professions should do the bootcamp?



Marketing specialists
Stay at home mothers
Tarot readers
Advertising execs
Best selling authors
HR consultants
Professional speakers
Raw food teachers
…and more!



A glance at the Home Study Course curriculum


Week 1: Free + Clear . . . And Ready for Abundance

Divine decluttering. Permanent forgiveness. Emotional clearing – and giving up your family legacy around money (no matter how messed up!). Starting the road map of your First Class life plan.

Week 2: The Millionaire Mindset

Identifying your particular brand of sabotage and the best tools for clearing your money “stuff” gently and permanently. This is a skill set that will change your future forever.

Week 3: Get Crystal Clear

We start to become total money magnets by becoming crystal clear on what you need right now and in the future for your dream life. Create your money plan by acknowledging your deepest desires.

Week 4: Big Ripples. Big Results.

The art of life transformation: making big waves, without capsizing the boat. Quality time, burn-out + replenishment. Building your power-team NOW (not in the mythical future). And how to decide which step to take next.

Week 5: Patience, Grasshopper

Dealing with backslides + throwbacks, without making things worse. The counter-intuitive truth about the Law of Attraction. And why replacing impatience with GRACE makes everything move faster.

Week 6: Integration (+ Celebration!)

One easy exercise that will help you assimilate EVERYTHING you’ve learned – and keep moving forward!



I’m bringing in multiple 5-figures every month without shame or guilt

It’s funny. I had no idea what I was getting into when I signed up for Denise’s boot camp. I thought it would just be about money stuff. You know, that I’d get past some blocks with money so I could do something bigger in the world.

Somewhere in there my marriage and entire life improved in a HUGE way. And a couple other things not fit for posting in a public space.

Then there is the side bonus of bringing in multiple 5-figures of revenue over the last several months. It feels so very natural to be serving a larger audience and to not feel guilt or shame if I am paid well for it. (Of course it is OK to be rewarded for doing good work out there!! For crying out loud, people are losing excess weight and curing diseases left and right. And having fun with food. Why would I have ever felt guilt for being paid well?! Silly… but I did… once upon a time… before the Boot Camp!)
Forever grateful,

Hurry! The Week 1 lesson goes out in…

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have the money to invest right now

Investment in yourself is powerful and long lasting. Imagine how much money you’ve spent on personal development books or courses over your lifetime? Some was worth it, and some has not made an iota of difference. Thankfully, this program is worth it’s weight in GOLD.I’m also sorry to say but if you’ve been in the feast and famine cycle – when is it going to stop? What are you going to do differently today to change your situation?

I should just know this stuff, right?

The truth is that many smart, entrepreneurial and creative women get stuck being truly wealthy. It’s not a matter of brains. Nobody is born knowing how to make shedloads money and there’s a lot of yucky family and societal legacy crap you pick up along the way (some conscious and some so unconscious it will SHOCK you) that tell you it’s not safe or OK for you to be rich.

Talking about money scares the crap out of me.

Totally – I get it. Two years ago, I surveyed my customers and clients. The number 1 problem was around money. I did NOT want to touch it. I said “Please Universe, send them to someone else”. Because I did NOT have my money stuff together and it scared me too.

So – I invested in a mentor, I took courses and then I took everything I knew about manifesting and created the most practical and inspiring program possible. And guess what? It’s been my most powerful and popular program EVER. (Sometimes we resist what we need most, right?)

How does an online course work?

Each week you’ll be emailed a new video to watch on our password protected site. You’ll also get an assignment PDF to download and keep.All videos also comes a mp3 downloads, so you can listen later.

As a home study course, you get access to all of the modules but you’ll get emails each week for six weeks to keep you on track.

I’m in a HUGE amount of debt… should I do this?

This Bootcamp is NOT FOR people who are in DIRE financial straights, for example, about to lose their house or are in HUGE amounts of consumer debt and are desperate for a way out (this is not a QUICK FIX program). Please don’t do this if it means your children won’t get fed. Deal with that first (with professional help).

If your debt is manageable and you feel like a mindset shift would help, then by all means do it, but I’m not a debt counsellor.

This program is not an investment seminar, nor am I a finance professional. (My professional background is marketing and consulting and I have a business degree). I also can’t guarantee income or debt reduction. We cover mindset, courage, uplevel strategies, practical actions to upgrade your life rapidly. I will not tell you how to spend or invest your money. I will however, give your soul permission to earn more… and quickly. I’m not a magic bullet solution to your money issues (I don’t any supernatural magic powers at all actually).

Also – this course is not for whiners or people who like drama and are pains in the butt (but I doubt that’s YOU, so read on!)

Give me 6 weeks of your life and your money-mindset will change FOREVER (for realz)

The program is fun, supportive and we make changes so incrementally, you’ll trick your usual sabotages.

Yes, they’ll still come up, but you’ll have the tools to deal with them quickly…

If you KNOW that you have the potential to earn more, want to further challenge your own beliefs around your current level of wealth and you’re ready to take ACTION to attract even more money – you’re going to love this!



I attracted an instaneous client!

My biggest money block was not believing that I could take my income to the next level. It was like I had decided the place where I was at was perfectly ok, and I didn’t need to stretch myself any further.

It took me to go through the lessons to really believe that it IS possible to manifest what you want. I wanted to win a photo competition I’d entered for a free holiday to Sri Lanka, so I just started tapping (which I’d never done before the Bootcamp) and visualising and manifesting my little heart out, and just kind of felt in my heart that I would win – and I did!

I also had an amazing moment when I listened to Denise’s subliminal money mantras recording, and literally while I was listening, I attracted a new client and received payment for something unexpected – it was exciting, weird and freaky, all at the same time!

You like bonuses… yes?

Bonus 1: Start straight away!

bonus-bookYou get immediate access to my popular 10 Day Manifestation program plus a digital copy of my book Lucky Bitch which tells the crazy story about how I manifested 6 months all expenses paid travel around the world, a trip worth more than half a million! I’ll share all my juicy manifesting secrets with you and how to apply the principles of the Law of Attraction to your career, love life, health and money.

Bonus 2 – Money Meditations Audio

sales-21ipodGet your hands on my Lucky Bitch Subliminal Money Mantras, infused with 1111 powerful affirmations for you to attract even more prosperity and wealth into your life.

This special 1 hour and 11 minute audio is infused with 1111 special money mantras for you to attract even more prosperity into your life.

The affirmations in this 1 hour and 11 minute audio are embedded below the peaceful sounds of the ocean and seagulls for your subconsious mind to hear.


Your investment in this life-changing course is normally $1000

You get to access the Home Study version for just $497



For the first time in my life, I’m making money.

Signing up to Bootcamp was terrifying; I’ve never spent that amount of money on an e-course before. But deep down I knew I needed to do it, that if I didn’t invest in changing my attitude to money then I’d always be stuck in that place of never fulfilling my potential. And I’m so glad that I took the risk. Outstanding monies that I was owed from work I’d done a couple of months before turned up in my bank account on day 1 of the bootcamp (all £1000 of it!), which made me laugh; it seemed like a very good sign that I was doing the right thing!

Money Bootcamp has changed my life, it’s that simple. You read statements like that in testimonials, but the reality doesn’t sink in. I can’t emphasize this enough, I am a different person than I was two months ago. I am building a career as a creative, marketing myself and networking, growing in confidence day by day. I’m demanding that I’m treated with respect as a professional. I’m challenging the belief that creatives can’t make money. I’m determined to be both creative and financially savvy. I now believe in myself. And I’m loving it!

If you’ve always felt held back in life and don’t know why, take this Bootcamp. If you know deep down that you’re not fulfilling your potential, take this Bootcamp. If you’ve never had any money (or can’t hold on to it), take this Bootcamp. If you’re ready to tackle the underlying causes of why you’re not enjoying the success you deserve, take this Bootcamp. It will help move you forward, without drama, without complaining, without spending five years in therapy. Decide today that you want life to be better and start investing in yourself. It works.



I’m not scared about money any more

I think that at the root of it all I was scared of money. Scared that I’d never have any. Scared what I’d do with it if I did have some. Scared what would happen if I made it and then it all went away. Scared.

During the course the biggest surprise was the ideas that would quite literally hit me over the head during the day. Way to make money or get out of my own way so I could receive money (yes, filing taxes would be a good idea, wouldn’t it?!). Money suddenly wasn’t so mysterious.

Now, Iím less reactive about money and far more proactive. Knowledge is power and knowing how much money you actually have and how much more you need to reach your goal is power.

Denise is sweet, supportive and incredibly understanding. I couldn’t recommend her more highly as a coach.

Ready to join the Bootcamp?


  • Transform your relationship with money

  • Upgrade your life and manifest the money to pay for it

  • Breakthrough to the next income level

  • Learn to LOVE money

Get the Home Study Course now for $497

Pay in full $497 or 3 payments of $198


Join the LIVE version for $1000 $750

Discounted price only until 9th April 2013

Early bird rate $750 or 3 payments of $297

Includes 6 live calls with Denise




I paid off $23,000 of debt!

I’d been thinking about my money issues and had been saving for the past 5 years to no avail.

Finally, last year I decided I simply had to rid myself of the $23K+ debt that was costing me so much in interest each month.

I saw Denise speak at a luncheon where she briefly mentioned her Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp and my ears pricked up. I thought if I was really serious I needed to give this a shot and if it’s as good as everyone says then the bootcamp would pay for itself in no time.

I’ve read so many books on debt control, saving, shopping habits – none of them compare to the kick up the butt I got from Denise Duffield-Thomas’s ‘Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp’. Denise’s formula is simple, but so effective and the calibre of women who do it with you and the support you get is incredible. During the 6 week course I found, raised and manifested over $10K, above and beyond the goals I had set, and by the end of it became officially ‘debt free’ for the first time in my life.

I’m a massive fan of this course, not only because it brings results; but Denise’s approach is real and honest. Plus,she is just like me, but a few steps ahead and showed me the path she took to become a Lucky Bitch, a path that I am so happy to be on.



Courage to start my dream business!

Denise’s Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp changed my view on money completely!

Before the bootcamp, I was stuck in the past and convinced other people were destined for financial successful, not me.

The Bootcamp gave me the courage to start my Holistic Health Coaching business, something I had been wanting to do for a while but never got around to doing.

I know for a fact I wouldn’t have had the guts to do it, if it wasn’t for Denise and the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp!




Forever changed!

The Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp was AMAZING! This course helped me manifest a finished published book and thousands of dollars towards a course I wanted to take! The stuff, the money, and the book are all fantastic, but the real life changer was how much more peace I was able to find around my financial situation.

Denise helped me learn how to deal with the panic around what I should have vs. what I do have. Feeling calm and relaxed around my money has really changed me for the better. I have stopped eating out of panic because that panic isn’t there any more.

The best part about LBMC was the support I gained from the other ladies taking the course. Not only getting advice from the expert, but getting advice from my peers was unbelievably helpful. It also gave me a place to share and celebrate the victories.

Thank you Denise for this fabulous course! I will be forever changed by what you have taught me! (And I can’t wait to learn even more next time around!)
Yours in prosperity,

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