Body Waste Management: Detox.

Detox is not just a fashionable word and a new trend in the nutrition and dieting world, but a body waste management plan. 

Basically, detoxification means cleaning your blood. Getting rid of toxins and impurities through liver, kidneys, lungs and skin is our body’s natural healing process which we can speed up by eating better, being more active and including supplements and certain foods in our every day routine. 


Our bodies process almost everything we consume, getting rid of unwanted waste. However, sometimes unpleasant toxins get stuck. This is when we need to help ourselves. 

Managing toxins can be successfully achieved through several different ways as well as a combination of them. 

Sweat Toxins Out! 

To start with, certain toxins can be released during exercise. Moving more than less is crucial for better living. However, if this is not something you are regularly involved with, you would like to know that exercise especially in a steamed room releases toxins stored within our fat layers. Most ladies would love to learn that spa treatments such as seawater hydrotherapy, skin brushing and body wraps improves skin circulation assisting detoxification. It is also important to stay hydrated while actively detoxing. Make sure you drink enough water, especially when exercising. 

Eat To Detox!

As we all know, exercising without dieting is a waste of exercising, really, especially if you are trying to detox. There are some easy dieting tips when trying to get rid of body toxins. Eliminate refined sugar, saturated fat, cigarettes and alcohol when detoxing. To avoid stress, reduce all of the above if you think you cannot radically stop indulging yourself in sugar, fat and partying. 

Eat a lot of fibre; it will assist in cleaning your main organs. If you are not sure what fibre is, research it. Fibre includes fresh fruits and vegetables. Additionally, fruits become your sugar supplier if you have a sweet tooth, but trying to stay away from sweet coffees, teas and chocolate during the detoxification.  

Do not forget herbs. Dandelion root and burdock will help you clean your liver and other organs. Herbs include green tea and all sorts of tincture or vitamins. 

Detox Foods!

When detoxing, some types of food are more helpful than others. Watergrass is not just a trendy drink! It in fact contains a high amount of chlorophyll which assist production of red cells. This means your blood is kept clean longer. 

Barley grass is another fancy word which helps your body to get rid of free radicals. Similarly to watergrass, barley grass reduces inflammation and reduces risk of cancer. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?  

Interestingly, garlic and onions are antioxidants which assist your liver in its waste management process. 

Broccoli sprouts is another well known cruciferous family of vegetables which contains sulphur compounds which attracts toxins, luring them out of our bodies. 

Like any other management, whether it is time or people, your body toxins management requires some work including discipline and patience. Toxins can be harmful and cause serious health issues. Although our bodies have a natural healing system, often we need to help ourselves in order to live better and longer.