Medica Health Turns The Clock Back With Theragem Eternity At Anti-Ageing Show

The Crystal Fusion Light technology will be unveiled at The Anti-Ageing Show weekend at London Olympia 11th and 12th May.  The cleverly devised ‘plug and play’ wellness device, Theragem Eternity, truly enhances ‘Beauty from the Inside Out’ through its powerful synergy of colour, light, electromagnetic frequencies, crystalline energy and precious metals.


The Eternity range has been specially put together for health and beauty spas to meet the aesthetic needs of a modern age-resisting society, whilst at the same time having a profound positive effect on general wellbeing – not only will Eternity make you look fresh and revitalised but you will feel great in your body too – bringing into play the reality of Theragem’s fundamental principle of ‘A Happy Mind in A Happy Body!’.


Theragem’s technology balances the cellular level to regenerate a cell’s efficiency, supporting production of collagen whilst boosting blood and fluid circulation in the body to provide youthful skin tonality.  Treatments come via beautifully hand-crafted Gemcups filled with over 30 carats of precious and semi precious gems and pre-programmed protocols for ease of use.  One can expect sparkling eyes, diminishing cellulite, revival of the detoxification and re-oxygenation processes, and rebalancing of the endocrine and chakra systems, while lips may be plumped and the lines of time smoothed away together with daily stress.  This is a whole package of relaxation for body and mind through enhancement of the body’s self-regulatory system and is available for taster sessions at the Anti-Aging Show.


Medica Health International Ltd is dedicated to providing the highest quality technology and services in the global integrative healthcare arena.  A team of cutting edge medical advisors, scientists and engineers combine research and innovation to provide therapists around the world with the tools they need to achieve undeniable, positive and fast outcomes for their clients and patients.