Share The BUZZ’ With Unbeelievable Health

Unbeelievable Health will be giving away baskets of bee goodies in each store which include their Bee Prepared immune support and more.. Other participants in ‘Share the Buzz’ will be Burt’s Bees, The British Beekeepers Association and more. 


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Bee Prepared immune support combines bee propolis, elderberry, olive leaf, beta glucans & more. The ingredients have natural anti-viral, anti-biotic & anti-histamine properties making it really helpful for colds, flu, hay fever, travel and more. Case studies available upon request. The Food Doctor & countless nutritionists recommend BEE Prepared Immune Support and Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Pendelton and Emma Forbes are amongst fans.  Produced by UK ethical supplements brand UnBEElievable Health, Bee Prepared contains a unique blend of  ingredients from the hive, field & forest which are unique in that they are not often found in a regular diet or multivitamin.


* BEE Prepared Daily Defence immune support contains a combination of high quality natural ingredients. Take one daily to help maintain a healthy immune system. RRP: £9.99 Suitable for most ages


* BEE Prepared MAX Strength is a more concentrated version which also includes Astaxanthin & Reishi mushrooms for when your system needs an extra boost. RRP: £11.99 Suitable for most ages


Ethical & Award-Winning immune support:

Research based formulas formulated by nutritionists Nothing artificial & no GMs Vegetarian Society approved Highly concentrated so fewer tablets required Multiple award winning Made in the UK from high quality EU food sourced ingredients



Bee Propolis 
Black Elderberry 
Olive Leaf 
Beta Glucans 
Astaxanthin (MAX Strength only) 
Reishi Mushrooms (MAX Strength only)


Colds, flu & hay fever 
Before & during travel                                                               
Sports, training & fitness                                                          
When feeling run down                                                             
Daily maintenance of immune system                                       

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A FOOD DOCTOR recommended product 

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Available in 600+ independent health stores & organic groceries including Holland & Barrett


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Note to Editors:   

UnBEElievable Health is committed to making it easier for busy people to be healthier, naturally, and also understands the vitally important role that bees play in our world and helps raise awareness about their decline as well as supporting Bee charities.


Best Immune Supplement 2012, Janey Lee Grace Platinum awardS

SMARTA 100 Finalist 2012

‘BEST SUPPLEMENT 2011’ Your Healthy Living Magazine Awards
‘Highly Commended’ Best New Product, Health Food Business Awards 2011
‘Highly Commended’ Best Alternative Product, CAM Lifestyle Awards 2011

Beauty Shortlist Finalist Best Health Supplement April 2012 


In addition to keeping you healthy, UnBEElievable Health do their part to keep the planet healthy as well:

  • Carbon footprint is kept low by sourcing ingredients in the EU & manufacturing products in the UK.
  • A portion of the proceeds of each box sold is donated to Vitamin Angels, delivering essential vitamins to children in need.
  • UnBEElievable Health work hard to raise awareness about the worldwide decline of bee colonies.  


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