Retailer Introduces 30 Contemporary African Brands To London

One of the reasons our customers have loved shopping with us is they can’t find such a wide range of original fashion anywhere else on the high street or Internet, ” says CEO and founder, ex-City banker Daphne Kasambala. “We’ve seen African-inspired influences on the couture runways season after season, but this is the first time women can access ready-to-wear pieces for work and play from the creative fashion hubs around Africa such as Kenya, South Africa and Ghana”


Kasambala is African, but hers isn’t your typical African story. She’s been fortunate: a successful career in London exposed her to some of the best fashion retailers.


In 2012 she used that privilege to set up “We go against the grain. Our products are desirable and relevant. Modern stylish women, – Black and White – love them. They’re of a high quality, ethically made and affordable. This is the exciting new face of African fashion, and I’m thrilled that we’re at the cutting edge.


The company prides itself on providing a great proposition for both shoppers and producers. “Women around the world get the best of African fashion. And our brands finally have a platform from which to reach a global market. It’s an equitable trading relationship from which everyone benefits,” says Kasambala.


There will be a Press & Stylists cocktail event at the Pop Up venue at 17:30 on Thursday 25 July. Please contact beforehand for more details.


For more information and to seen the current collection, visit