Australian International Plus Size SuperModel Laura Wells Using Her Beauty To Bringing Awareness to our problem with Plastic Littler

‘‘Every year in Australia eight billion bottles and cans go to landfill,

that’s more than the planet’s entire population,’’ Laura Wells speaking to the Southern Courier Newspaper 


I’ve always said that celebrities or people in the spotlight should bring much more awareness to special issues than they generally do.  They are able to command attention simply because they are famous so they really have a lot of power at their finger tips.

But rarely are they truly conscious people, who really understand what is going on in the world today and are passionate enough to want to do something about it. In fact many celebrities do more harm than good to the world because they often promote toxic products through campaigns for companies like L’oreal (who test on animals ) and can at times project such unrealistic beauty ideals that it can cause eating disorders in some young women.

So it’s very refreshing to know about Laura Wells.  This Aussie Model, who has worked with some of the worlds most famous photographers, is making waves not only for her healthy, and stunning  looks, but because she spends a lot of her spare time promoting campaigns and causes to bring attention to some of the many ills of the world.  Lauras super passionate about the environment which of course, makes me very happy. And I may also love that she’s a brunette too just like me! 🙂 Laura’s actually an environmental scientist and is currently studying to achieve a masters of environmental management so you could say that doing good in the world, is a top priority for this  international model. 

Recently Laura recreated a photograph originally called ‘sunbather’ taken by Max Dupain, which is a black and white shot of a man lying on a beach surrounded just by pure sand.  Laura has posed for a a new version to show a much more recent reality and that is, lying on a beach is more than likely going to mean that you are surrounded by rubbish, namely empty drink and soft drink cans.  

Laura’s campaign is to help bring awareness to the problem and is showing support for a proposed levy where people will get 10 c for every bottle and can they take to the recycling plants, which means far less will end up on beaches and other natural areas. 

Australia is known for it’s stunning beaches, pure white sand and beautiful oceans. Yet they are facing a huge problem due to too much litter. Beach goers are just not taking their rubbish with them and instead, dumping it behind. And it’s a ridiculous amount. As Laura says its 8 billion cans and bottles that go to landfill each year which is a really disgusting amount. Not only does that show how healthy aussie’s have become drinking far too much coke and other soft drinks, but they have become so disrespectful to their own country.  People are simply not caring enough about what they are leaving behind, for others to deal with.

Please check out Laura’s photos below of her modelling career, isn’t it great to see such a healthy role model who is as down to earth as she is gorgeous? I’m very lucky to have Laura write articles for Miss Eco Glam so stay tuned, she’s one very busy lady!

To see Laura in action check out the video below

 You can also read on the greenpeace site more about this stunning lady!


About Laura Wells

Australia’s leading, international curvy model, Laura Wells, was discovered while accompanying her ‘size 8’ sister to a casting in New York back in 2005.

At a healthy size 14, Wells initially declined the offer and was finally convinced to step in front of the camera by Australia’s pioneer of full-figured modelling, Darrianne Donnelly, joining BGM Models in 2006.

Laura is now also represented by Wilhelmina Models in New York, Hughes Models London and Brigitte Models in Germany.

Laura works extensively overseas and in Australia with notable photographers Lee Broomfield, Michel Haddi, Thierry Le Goues, Raphael Mazzucco and Steven Meisel.

Laura combines her modelling work for major retailers, national brands and leading fashion titles with her philanthropic work.

Laura is the Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation and Think Pink Campaign’s Celebrity Ambassador for 2013, dedicating her free time to promote the ‘3 Step Breast Aware’ program to Australian women.

Laura is also a regular contributor to various fashion and environmental blogs, magazines and websites including The Iconic Magazine and Miss Eco Glam.

Laura has completed a double Bachelor Degree in Science and Law and is currently completing her Masters of Environmental Management. Her passion for science, health and wellbeing led her into an active role with Greenpeace and the Boomerang Alliances’ Take 3 Initiative, working on projects to reduce pollution in Australian waters and our beaches.

Wells believes “emotional health is such a major part of being healthy. Learning to be happy with yourself and surroundings goes a long way towards leading a positive and stress-free life.”

Laura is an active member of The Boomerang Alliance, made up  of over 20 environment groups including Greenpeace, the Australian Conservation Foundation, Cleanup Australia, and the Total Environment Centre, and is currently studying her Master’s of Environmental Management alongside her international career as one of Australia’s most recognised and in-demand plus-size models.


Touted by international fashion model Crystal Renn as ‘the next global plus-size supermodel’, Laura has become one of the most recognisable and requested models in Australia.