Raw ‘Choc’ Orange Pots

Prep Time: 10min            


Ingredients serve 4

4-6 tbsp organic raw carob powder 9depending how tasty you fancy it!)

Zest of 2 organic oranges

1 tbsp organic maple syrup

2 x tin (400ml) organic full fat coconut milk (I love Biona), refrigerated

2 tbsp Great lakes Gelatin Non Hydro ( www.purebodybalanceshop.co.uk )


1.     Skim the coconut cream only out of the two tins of coconut milk and pop into a blender with all of the other ingredients.

2.     Whizz until thoroughly combined.

3.     Pour into 4 little pots.

4.     Refrigerate until set (1hour) and serve!


Recipe brought to you by Karen Maidment www.endibsnaturally.com www.facebook.com/meaksthathealuk