Tried and tested raw chocolate companies in the UK

I often get asked which raw chocolate companies I recommend buying products from and this used to be a tough one to answer, but in the past few years some amazing raw chocolatiers have emerged. I am proud to say that some of these people are former students of mine.  


I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to watch students transform their chocolate making skills and share that gift with the world.


When I first started teaching, my goal was to educate as many people as possible in making professional quality raw chocolate at home or for their business. It took a few years, but I am now seeing higher quality raw chocolate on the market and this makes me very happy.


Everyone should experience great raw chocolate, without exception. Gone are the days where raw chocolate is classed as grainy, dull and soft.


Check out the following raw chocolate companies (these are tried and tested by myself and my trusted team of tasters) and never use those words to describe raw chocolate again. True story, y’all.


In no particular order and with a few words from yours truly –


The Raw Chocolate Company – where my chocolate journey started over 6 years ago. Linus Gorpe is a master raw chocolatier. He’s very passionate, excited and committed to making the best raw chocolate possible.


Perfect Chocolate – brain child of Emma Mihill, a Naturopath, Iridologist and Nutritional Therapist, you can rest easy knowing you’re not only buying well made chocolate, but nutritionally balanced chocolate as well. Emma’s chocolate can be purchased via Snowsfields Wellness.


Mayan Magic Chocolate – Matthew Norrish is producing some very delicious chocolate in Ireland and has posted a video on YouTube showing you how he makes his chocolate. I’ve tried most of his bars and they are deep in flavour, smooth and delicious.


Forever Cacao – Pablo Spaull is an absolute genius with raw chocolate and makes artisan raw chocolate using a melanger. There aren’t many brands of raw chocolate that I would actually go to a shop and purchase; Pablo’s chocolate is an exception to that rule.


Om Chocolate – Very good quality chocolate with a great consistency and depth of flavour. Om produces their chocolate in industrial machines, similar to The Raw Chocolate Company, so the texture is always going to be smooth as can be.


That just about sums it up for me. If you are reading this thinking “Hey, I’m a raw chocolate company who makes awesome tempered chocolate, why aren’t I on this list ?” Well, it’s probably because I don’t know about you. Drop me a line and we can take it from there.


Make good choices,



If you don’t fancy buying raw chocolate, you might like to learn how to make it for yourself ?


Imagine making professional quality raw chocolate for friends, family and yourself with all the flavours you like, the sweeteners you prefer and for a lot less money than buying chocolate every week / day / hour… Sound interesting? Come to a class! The Advanced Raw Chocolate: Level 1 class is an in depth class on professional raw chocolate making, it’s suitable for beginners and professionals alike who are ready to delve right in.


Alternatively, if you just want to dip your toes in, you might like to check out Chocolat Aphrodite which covers basic raw chocolate making techniques amongst other culinary skills; herbal infusions, alcohol infusions, topical creams and more.