The Future of Healthy Living is Here!

From edible tableware to human hamster wheels that wash your clothes, Electrolux Design Lab presents its’ most futuristic concepts for a healthier lifestyle. Click on each picture to read more about the design concept. 

I’m by Jorge Alberto Treviño Blanco

What if we could see the effects of food on our body before we consumed it? ‘I’m’ is a new concept designed to do exactly that. Just like a mirror “I’m” displays a hologram, depicting how ‘fat’ or ‘fit’ you appear, depending on your diet and exercise routines. 

Bake.A.Dish. by Saeed Rahiminejad

Bake.A.Dish is an oven designed to create bread and biscuit dinnerware. By customising the size of the edible dishes according to your special needs and adding a controlled amount of fibre and carbohydrates to your diet, you can regulate your calorie intake for a healthier lifestyle.

Wheel by Si Hyeong Ryu

What if washing machines now bettered your health and fitness? ‘Wheel’ is a washing machine that doubles up as a treadmill, using human kinetic power. The power generated from the spinning can be used to wash clothes and the unused energy can then be stored for use as electricity in the future.

Growing Your Own Protein by Couvert-Castera Anne

This self sufficient kitchen appliance allows you to grow the micro algae ‘spirulina’ for a sustainable source of protein and natural nutrients.

Act Health Carpet by Pekka Puhakka

Act Health carpet is your own personal fitness instructor monitoring your body’s responses, whilst purifying the air around you.