Rob Verkerk and ANH receive excellence awards from top US law firm

Jonathan Emord, lead counsel at Washington, DC constitutional and administrative law firm, Emord & Associates, is widely viewed as having made the single most important contribution toward triggering the expansion of the US natural health, integrative medicine and dietary supplement sector in the USA.

This attribution is down to Emord’s remarkable series of successful court cases, which challenged attempts by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to restrict freedom of speech linked to claims for dietary supplements.  The seminalPearson v Shalala case is so widely cited that it has over 1 million citations on Google.

To celebrate the firm’s 20-year anniversary, the firm organised a spectacular 2-day event in the US city of Cambridge, Maryland.  There, ANH International, ANH-USA and their respective leaders, Rob Verkerk PhD and Gretchen DuBeau, were given excellence awards for their contributions by an awards committee of the Emord firm.

Gretchen DuBeau with new baby and Freedom of Informed Choice Award (left);
Rob Verkerk PhD with Global Free Speech Award

Rob Verkerk was the sole recipient of the Global Free Speech Award and also received an award for Excellence in Integrative Medicine.  Both ANH International and ANH-USA were given awards for Freedom of Informed Choice.

First row, left to right: Jim Angle, Kate Obenshain, Tammy Bruce
Second row, left to right: Jonathan Emord, Dean Malissa as George Washington, Dr Julian Whitaker
Third row, left to right: Dr Joseph Mercola, Dr Jonathan Wright, Dr Rob Verkerk
Fourth row, left to right: Hyatt Regency Hotel, George Mason University’s fife and drum band, Elwood Richard.

For more information, see Emord & Associates’ press release below, or download (please note the inclusion of the last 7 award recipients that were inadvertently omitted from the pdf).