Models favourite dishes: EatFirst and then hit the runway

During Fashion Week the spotlight is on super models and fashionistas. Their clothes, lifestyle, exercise and eating habits are become the talk of the town. Running across London, to interviews and shows, takes a lot of energy and EatFirst got thinking about the ‘model meals’ keeping them going.  We have included the tasty faves and nutritious tips that are being shared backstage.



Eat First and then hit the runway


People are obsessed with models’ diet. The public believes they live on a lettuce leaf a day but some of them – lucky them – are real foodies. EatFirst (, the fastest food delivery service in London, listed their favourite meals here.


Gisele Bundchen

She is Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme and this, of course, influences her private life as well. In fact she is a fan of real meat (meat obtained from non-intensive farms) and of raw food. She would probably have this for dinner: Steak tartare, tomatoes, and Marinated Broccoli & Mushrooms



Natalia Vodianova

Natalia, Russian model, philanthropist and occasional film actress, is well known in the fashion industry for her 8 year-long contract with Calvin Klein. She has a true passion for cabbage pies and home pelmeni – Russian delights.



Alessandra Ambrosio

Believe it or not, the Victoria’s Secret model is a proud mother of two. While most of us could never even dream a body like hers, she enjoys food more than we imagine. On a typical day she has salad with filet mignon and rice and beans and ice cream.


Kate Moss

A party animal like her doesn’t have much time for cooking when she goes from one runway to a party – she prefers to keep everything very basic: grilled chicken and veggies. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be yummy: For example, try them well marinated and tossed on the grill.



Adriana Lima

She has a diet rich of fibres as it aids in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. You can start your day with whole grain cereals or add some fruit. In your meals never forget legumes, as they are rich in fibre. Something healthy and yummy is beans soup with mussels: it sounds weird, but it is an Italian delight.


Miranda Kerr

The Australian model with the perfect body – perfect face – perfect everything, is a fan of Avocado, a central American fruit rich in monounsaturated fat. In Ethiopia, Avocados are made into juice by mixing them with sugar and milk or water, usually served with “Vimto” and a slice of lemon. Otherwise, try to mix them in a salad like Miranda does.


Chanel Iman

She is one of the very lucky few. Not only she is a super model, her exotic heritage (her mother is half Korean half Afro American, and her father is Afro American) made her one of the most interesting faces of the century. But she is also involved in several charity activities. Her schedule is pretty busy, and she is lucky enough to be in shape no matter what she eats. Her favourite meal is steak with mashed potato.



Cara Delevigne

Cara isn’t just another model. She is an “it” girl and has everything that girls desire: great personality, unique beauty, good connections (her sister Poppy is a top model, her godfather is Condé Nast executive Coleridge, and her godmother is actress Joan Collins). Well, as if this was not enough to be jealous, she also has a killer metabolism that allows her to eat as much bacon as she wants. Try corn on the cob wrapped in bacon.


Jourdan Dunn

Being one of Cara’s best friends, she shares with the girl the passion for food. Jourdan  hosts a cooking show entitled, “Well Dunn”, on Jay Z‘s Life+Times YouTubechannel. She is a proper foodie, and has a true passion for fried chicken (OK, who doesn’t?). In order to stay healthy but also enjoy it, make sure you have a vitamins and fibres rich side dish such as grilled zucchini and aubergines, with a drop of olive oil: yummy, yet healthy!


Naomi Campbell

The British model, the top model by definition, the queen of the runway, is vegetarian. One of her favourite meals is the Lentil-Barley Burgers with Fiery Fruit.



Karl Lagerfeld

No fashion list could be complete without him. Karl’s favourite thing is Diet Coke. While it is not a proper meal, Italians love to have it with pizza. And if you have a veggie pizza, or a margherita, you should not even worry about calories intake, as it is one of the healthiest thing you could have!



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